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What to be engaged in, standing in a queue? Next benefits of

to ensure to the maximum the extreme which is closely connected with mutual understanding and interpenetration are not necessary big financial expenses. It is quite enough to resort to an easy and cheap way - to get in line

Turn, despite the education spontaneous, as a rule, - very mobile and purposeful, but badly studied organism. Scientists spend a fantastic sum for studying of gregarious tricks a Rhesus factor - macaques that the world listened then to a muffled scientific conclusion, but on simple expedition to savings bank or to some social center for service of the population of money, most likely will not give. Probably, therefore thesis Turn as instrument of education of combative skills of communication it is not written yet And how this zmeisty structure influences our thick-skinned organisms, up to the end nobody knows

For this reason the element of my research has handicraft character, without any bases and superstructures. The isolated functional loadings of turn - only a drop in the ocean.

So, next loadings:

1. Linguistic.

She fully allows not to be silent to the uncle which breathes in your white collar the yesterday`s holiday with garlic, and already even few times pecked in the washed neck the cold nose. Diplomatic exercises for this purpose of the nice fellow come in the most refined option.

2. Educational.

For use of this aspect it is better for b to stock up with a notebook and a pencil. Because the recipe of disposal absolutely unnecessary you of undesirable pregnancy which is vividly discussed by three, in appearance, girls will surely draw your attention. Simply even the non-standard of approach: to boil a pack of bay leaf with an onions peel (!) and still some mess - what?! I, as well as many, was sure that only Easter eggs paint with a peel

3. Communication. not so much fine-tuning of own communication channels, how many supervision over strangers is interesting to

Here. Unless the aunty talking to transition to ultrasonic waves is not interesting? Looking as it it is free walks on octaves - it is only possible to imagine bitterly crying Byul - Byul Ogly to whom only seven were available The moment should be appreciated! Who knows where this exhibit will be

4 tomorrow. Sports.

Remember that standing in itself tempers an organism. On that we and homo erektusa - the person upright. Probably, evolution not for this purpose straightened us that we rassizhivat in chairs and rolled on sofas in any public receptions. The advantage is obvious: calories are burned, petrifies (stiffens even) a spine column, well, and as in one song: from a habit to smile face skin " incessantly grows stronger;.

5. Meditative.

of Thought which in daily vanity never come to the anxious mind - here suddenly begin to crowd and propagate. Caducity of life, unity and conflict of opposites, meaning of life, circulation of substances in the nature - here not the full list . When you still think of it if not in turn?

6. Intellectual. do to

of the Duma the head swelled, sick and externally clever, and subconsciousness works imperceptibly. Somewhere in convolutions of the brain densely settle words which you also did not know: portmont, legalization, dzhimsa, razokserenny files, pyelonephritis When friends express bewilderment, getting acquainted with these terms - you will just hem

Considering this not full list, arrive at idea that deficiency of communication, indifference to the neighbor and melancholy for warmth - it no other than badly painted notorious fig.

you do not trust? In turn!