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From where the holiday 1 - e originates April, or April a credulity of

As well as the birthday - the first of April I not really love. A holiday of strained fun and the tricks lying in the " plane; and what pt - an ichka are? - never pleased me. It is possible because sense of humour and the optimism which is sticking out extensively - for me not a nonsense and not the phenomenon of one day in a year.

However history of a holiday interested me.

Why 1 - go April we agree to recognize ourselves a little as morons? Well, 1 - e September there, 1 - e May or 1 - e January - clear business, in any way, - but in a year a weight more of unoccupied first! Why April?

My digging brought into France. Even in the 16th century. Also celebrated then, 1 - go April, no other than New Year. Until to the new father Grigory XIII did not take in head to immortalize itself in centuries, having entered a new Gregorian calendar for all Christian world. And already on it, New Year had on 1 - e January (for us it is more habitual Day of unfinished Russian salad and a tomato brine ).

It is natural that with means of communication of that time, not all knew about papal innovative ideas. Moreover - many did not know. Absolutely. And therefore, in the old manner arranged to themselves a novogodya under the April sun, with snowdrops and other spring surroundings. Those who carried themselves to more advanced began quietly soon, and then already and in open to laugh over April fools . Soon the manner to laugh at somewhat eccentric people who live on the dark harmony - was adopted by England, Scotland and America.

Scots - so those even entered improvements, having renamed April Fools` Day of fun into so-called Taily Day (m - m, literally e - e Day of a bum). Tricks contact, generally rear part of an organism. Also have very witty and fresh character, like an attachment on a back to somebody the cheerful poster: stubs me! .

Without back, certainly, thoughts

In England, with its thorough fogs are connected to draws the most serious forces. For example, television. The short news plot about harvesting of spaghetti in some Devonshire suburb is memorable to many British. The farmers hilling macaroni trees were excessive visual impression for many pensioners. Editorial office of TV channel was besieged for a long time by the gone balmy botanists and old women parting a geranium with the requirement of seed material, addresses of selectors - makaronovod and instructions for care of spagettinosny cultures.

In America it is simpler and simpler. It is possible to leave far behind a flag of all kings of draw, having shown on someone`s legs and having anxiously told: Your lace was untied! The American humour is much thicker than English and is slightly softer Scottish .

Do not go to restaurant on the first of April, do not buy to relatives of gifts, do not call forgotten first love . It is just an opportunity to be glad to the next thawed icicle (why I am uncontrollably made laugh by this word?), to smile to the person who for certain does not wait from you for affability (for example to the system administrator because of whom the database in two years said goodbye to you) and to burst out laughing over the fact that by strange and most ridiculous accident of destiny, the April Fools` Day coincided with the International day of the mathematician