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What is elite housing ? Signs of the Elite Nest

of the Characteristic elitism at construction companies and realtor offices different. To attribute to the house the status elite according to a wish of the builder or seller - nobody will forbid. On the contrary! It will help to sell housing more expensively. Especially pay those citizens who are ready to pay and for the status. (Well, or for a show off: Yes - and, I here got recently the apartment, all upside down with this moving! I will not apply mind where with hippopotamuses the aquarium was put )

In spite of the fact that even the international standards crack under the influence of time and a market situation - the main lines to which the concept " is reduced; elite housing all - is.

In - the first is a location of object. This criterion remains to one of the main factors of reference of housing to an elite segment. Though, in the different countries location of object has the understanding. In Moscow, for example until recently was considered and it is considered prestigious to live in the center (where - nibud near the Arbat), in America - the person is more wealthy, the further he lives from the downtown. Now in many CIS countries, by an example of the West, elite country settlements where otkochevyvat a class of wealthy people began to appear.

In - the second, by all means are taken into account architecturally - planning solutions. It both presentableness of entrance group, and general architectural appearance, and non-standard, original plannings. Now apartments from 100 to 200 sq.m

B are most demanded - the third, it is considered recently fashionable to live a little independently without strong congestion of neighbors, and therefore - a small amount of apartments in the house and, as a result low concentration of the population - not the last criteria of elitism. It, most likely, is dictated by aspiration to safety: people want to know by sight those who live nearby.

Inzhenerno - the hardware in the house has to speak for itself: elevator, refuse chute, central air conditioning. Finishing by exclusively natural, eco-friendly materials and materials of prestigious firms - manufacturers.

Existence of own service of the round-the-clock protection and operation of the building: emergency services, services of service etc. Besides, now builders try to minimize infrastructure in the houses, it intends only for inhabitants of the house and is closed for foreign visitors. So the round-the-clock beauty shops, restaurants and supermarkets on the first floors - in the past.

And here reliably fenced, quiet and well-planned house adjoining territory is a solid makeweight to elitism indicators. Also, however, as well as existence of the underground parking - warm, protected, and not less than 2 - 3 machine places on a family.

In order to avoid scandals and swindles in very profitable market of real estate not the last role is played by a name and reputation of the builder. And obligatory a face - control as the aspiration to live in homogeneous social environment, in the company of similar - so even is welcomed by inhabitants. And to requests of the builder or future neighbors to share information on itself - people, as a rule, treat with understanding.

And on the last place - the price.

It is thought that now, to newspaper announcements of type: The apartment in the elite twenty-access house, garage and a cellar in the yard " Is on sale; many of us will belong with healthy scepticism.

I then, word elite - it is, certainly, a word " synonym; the best but alas! words native and wash - it absolutely another