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What we remembered Svetozar Rusakov?

on April 3 - birthday of Svetozar Rusakov, remarkable artist, creator of such darlings animation characters, as Hare, Wolf, nosatik from series The Washer - a washer The Match - a revenge and other animation heroes. Unfortunately, Svetozar Kuzmich did not live up to the 84 - the anniversaries about half a year, we said goodbye to it in August, 2006. And today there is an occasion to remember his life and work.

First question: from where such unusual name? The professional revolutionary Kuzma Rusakov who for the political views spent 11 years on imperial penal servitude gave it to the son. In far 1923 it seemed to it that else slightly - slightly and over Russia light of the truth which the dawn of new life has to bring will be shed. However, as would tell today, Kuzma was at war not on that party of a barricade - he was the left Social Revolutionary and in the years of Civil war even created in Belarus guerrilla groups for fight for the better lot. And as the result - after the birth of the son was banished to the well-known Solovki.

The hungry, semi-poor childhood could not but affect Rusakov - younger, already since the childhood Svetozar had problems with sight, from - for them refused to the guy in 1942 from study artillery school. But several months later the young artist of the Novosibirsk military newspaper Red star nevertheless it appeared at the front. In a separate anti-tank artillery division entrusted it a stereopipe and the field-glass and often sent to a front line, to mark weapon emplacements of the opponent. Why blind person Svetozara? It, as artist, grabbed each trifle, any flash of fire from a large-caliber machine gun did not remain unnoticed. Masking helped fascists a little.

Rusakov together with the fellow soldiers freed Belarus including Minsk, and in the spring of 1945 appeared in the capital of East Prussia Konigsberg. During storm of the fortified city of Svetozar contused. And for courage he was awarded the order Slava III degrees and the medal For liberation of Konigsberg .

The award gave certain advantages at entering a higher education institution. But when Rusakov returned to Moscow, it turned out that everywhere the set of students already ended, remained only School of folk arts of Kalinin and that place on a fedoskinsky list. Production of varnish miniatures became the first post-war craft for Rusakov.

And in two years, having graduated from school, Rusakov on the advice of the friend, went to arrive to art office of the VGIK. Here where the award also fitted. The attitude towards veterans - to order bearers at members of examination committee was the kindest so Rusakov without effort passed examinations and became the student. And, nearly from the first days of study it was attracted by animation.

In 1956, after the end of study, Svetozar came to " studio; Soyuzmultfilm . And with the young director Vyacheslav Kotenochkin the destiny brought together him in 11 years. The last worked on release Match also involved Rusakov in joint creativity. In far 1967 Rusakov participated in three releases.

How there was an image of the Wolf? Svetozar Kuzmich spoke so: in 1941 I went to movie theater once, Was very frosty, but cash desks had enough people. And here some impudent person in a short fur coat, powerfully works elbows, climbs as the tank, regardless of obstacles. Reached also me. I speak to it: Where you climb, the gentleman? . And it turns: Whom did you call me? . This image sat down for the rest of life, and the image of the Wolf was a fruit of joint creativity. So, the memorable gait of the Wolf was thought up and sketched by the artist Victor Likhachev, and part of scenes belong to Vladimir Krumin.

A lot of things in this memorable image were brought also by unsurpassed Anatoly Papanov who very much wanted that his Wolf was not just rowdy-dowdy small, and almost an intellectual. And Rusakov very vividly reacted to the slightest remarks, making amendments. The real creative person - flexibility also differs in it. Those who do not understand it do not reach tops

A in general a lot of things depend also on the atmosphere reigning in collective and on persons who work for a common goal. In this plan Rusakov was lucky. Both Kotenochkin, and his friends is screenwriters - Kurlyandsky, Chait, Kamov - everyone brought the view of development of a plot, such brainstorming turned out every day. And on the screen the quintessence, all the best got As then more than once Svetozar Kuzmich admitted to

- it was the strong incentive for his creativity not only in respect of art animation. In creativity it is impossible to make anything without confidence in the forces! And national love to characters series was just the basis allowing to create relaxedly without thinking about authorities. So, the Wolf and the Hare not only helped to reveal to the artist, but also filled his gift by new contents - Rusakov undertook resolutely everything. Even working on one picture, he offered numerous versions of the graphic decision, almost polar in process of convention, to stylistics and equipment. And was never afraid to work too much !

It is a lesson for all beginning creative specialists. Every time when someone takes up the brush and a feather and creates one option, it seems to it that before it imperishable creation. And try to look at work from other, opposite side? Try to look at it eyes of the most caustic critic and make the option answering to this aggressive reader or the viewer. It will contradict the first idea? Perhaps, but then your child will become more vital!

Always it seemed to all those who lived and worked with Svetozar Kuzmich that it is underestimated, bypass awards and attention! Possibly it and so - its first personal exhibition took place just to 80 - to the anniversary of the artist. But whether the master of a brush grumbled about it? It is unlikely. He perfectly knew that all the same everything will be rewarded according to the deserts. And never climbed forward, without parting forcibly anybody elbows. He was a well-mannered person in full understanding of this word. And it nearly the most important quality for the creative specialist who, alas, is not enough for very much.

Svetozar Kuzmich Rusakov died on August 14, 2006, on 84 - m to year of life. But till last days remained the person whom it was always possible to address for council. And his Wolf and the Hare for a long time will endure the creator. In them there is something that to us so does not get in life. Beliefs that the Good will surely overcome the Evil!