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What can be prepared from bananas? Lunch!

One old man from Montana

Specifically sank down on

bananas In soup, salad and

compote Every day, all the year round,

to reach somewhat quicker nirvana.

(Doctor Pilyulkin). can prepare for

From bananas everything. You do not trust? Here recipe of a full lunch from bananas:

Cold appetizers.

Raisin to wet bananas salad in water. To cut bananas circles as and to mix coins with oat flakes or the popcorn which is small cut by ham, raisin. Cream, lemon juice and a polished lemon dried peel to mix and pour this dressing over salad. To sustain half an hour. A tax on lettuce leaves.

Bananas - 100 g, raisin - 25 g, oat flakes - 5 g, ham low-fat - 25 g, cream - 50 g, a lemon - 1/4 piece, salad - to taste.

First courses. Chicken bananas soup

to Pour 2 l of water in a pan, to put chicken, greens, carrots, onions, cubes, pepper and bay leaf. To boil broth within an hour. Then chicken to take out and cut small pieces, and to filter broth through a sieve. To mash boiled vegetables a fork and to connect to the pounded ginger. To mix and put in broth. To season curry soup, salt, pepper, ginger syrup. To add the sliced bananas, the defrozen peas, meat.

Banana - 4 pieces, chicken - 1 piece, carrots - 2 pieces, onions - 2 bulbs, greens - 1 bunch, a cube - 2 pieces, ginger in syrup - 2 tablespoons, curry powder - 2 tablespoons, green peas frozen - 1 package, salt, pepper.

Second courses. Fried bananas

Immature bananas to clear and cut on circles, about 5 mm thick, to roll in in flour and to fry slightly from two parties on vegetable oil. To lay out the bananas brought to a zolotistost on a dish and to powder slightly with pounded garlic.

Bananas, flour - for a breading, garlic - for topping, vegetable oil - for frying.

Pastries. Bananas in the beer test

Bananas to clear, cut everyone on three parts and to water with lemon juice. To pour flour into a bowl, to add beer, egg, sugar and spices and to knead liquid dough. To warm vegetable fat on a frying pan and to fry in it pieces of bananas, previously having dipped them into beer dough. To take out bananas from a frying pan a skimmer and to spread out on a napkin or a kitchen towel that fat flew down. Then to roll in still hot bananas in sugar mix with cinnamon. To give with whipped cream or vanilla sauce.

Banana - 4 pieces small, not absolutely mature, lemon juice - 4 tablespoons, flour - 125 g, beer - 1 / 8 l, egg - 1 piece, sugar of 80 g, salt - 1 pinch, a nutmeg the ground 1 pinch, fat vegetable for frying, sugar of 4 St. spoons, cinnamon 2 tablespoons.

Desserts. Fiery bananas with ice cream

(The special recipe of " ensemble; " Team; Friend of a r_k )

Bananas a product useful and nutritious therefore it is possible to lay out them without participation of fat and oil on a hot frying pan. Then with frequency in 30 seconds we overturn a dish that bananas were evenly fried. We add 50 grams of cognac directly on bananas, it is desirable expensive, and it is better good. 3 asterisks are possible, but 5 are better. Excerpts so so years 7. Then the elegant movement of a hand we set fire to cognac. It is desirable that nearby there was a maximum number of female persons, however, it is worth making preliminary trainings not to set fire to something else. Bananas burn, girls cry. Then we spread the bananas burning in cognac in plates with ice cream. Farther on circumstances do not forget to include our album and success it is provided!!!

Drinks. Bananas compote

In the boiling syrup (water and sugar) to lower the bananas cut by circles. To cook compote on weak fire no more than 20 min.

Banana of 2 pieces. water of 1 l, sugar - 400 g

Bon appetit!