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How to acquire a tan with advantage for health?

under the influence of ultraviolet rays of a solar range are stimulated exchange processes, resistance to infections increases and in skin vitamin D is produced. All this occurs at the correct dosage of the sun. At overdose slackness, weakness, a headache, skin burns appears.

Before going to the resort behind suntan, it is necessary to consult with the doctor. The matter is that at many diseases stay on the sun is contraindicated. I will not frighten you by details of medical researches, but if you have such diseases as a hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, any dysfunction of a thyroid gland, adrenal glands, a serious illness of lungs, then stay on the open sun can lead to sad consequences.

Besides, people cannot sunbathe with insufficiency of blood circulation, neurosises and a neurasthenia, and also that who has on a body many birthmarks. Ultraviolet rays are very harmful to children till three years.

And in general, in the presence of any chronic disease it is dangerous to sunbathe since sunshine can provoke its aggravation.

It is possible to accustom skin to ultra-violet radiation, alternating solar and air bathtubs. Extent of solar radiation depends on a season, day, the place, overcast etc. therefore to dose procedure very difficult, but nevertheless it is important. On water sunbathe quicker because from a surface of the water ultraviolet rays are well reflected and if to lie on a grass, then the grass in turn strongly absorbs radiant energy of the sun.

To begin to sunbathe follows gradually. In the first day about ten minutes, and then gradually every day to increase time of reception of solar bathtubs till two o`clock, more than two hours it is not necessary to sunbathe since complications can appear. In the course of fire it is necessary to use dark glasses and to put on a white linen hat the head.

Excessive radiation by the sun is harmful to an organism, and can lead to a sunstroke. Especially it concerns those who badly transfer a heat, has diseases of heart and vessels, it is also necessary to protect children from an overheat on the sun.

At overdose of an ultraviolet skin very much suffers - in the beginning it reddens, owing to formation in it of the substances causing expansion of capillaries and inflammatory processes in skin.

There is a morbidity, a burning sensation and after a while, as a result of a solar burn bubbles appear. Thereof within 4 - 6 days the damaged layers of skin slushchivatsya, being gradually replaced with new. During this period stay under the sun is contraindicated.

Be attentive, abuse of the sun reduces significant forces of an organism and can lead to an exacerbation of the available diseases or cause emergence of tumors. The best time for solar bathtubs in the summer from 8 to 11 o`clock in the morning, in the spring and in the fall from 11 to 14 o`clock.

After acceptance of solar bathtubs it is recommended to bathe or take a shower. Do not forget to apply lotions and creams to suntan. You carry out the rest with advantage for health and always remain beautiful.