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How to carry out a hardening of children? The hardening water

the Hardening of children is the main preventive action and an important method of increase of resilience of an organism of the child to catarrhal diseases. At the same time it is necessary to consider that it is necessary to begin a hardening only provided that the child is healthy. The general rule at the beginning of a hardening are the procedures demanding continuous prolonged use. It is desirable to begin a hardening since childhood and to continue all life.

The matter is that in two weeks after the termination of the tempering procedures there is a noticeable deadaptation, and in two months everything that the child got during a hardening, he can lose.

The most widespread type of a hardening is the hardening water. It needs to be seen off in a complex with other methods, in particular, with svetovozdushny bathtubs and a hardening the sun.

It is necessary to begin a hardening with water in the summer or in the early fall, in the room at air temperature within 20 - 22 C. In the summer, at warm weather, procedure can be carried out in the open air (better in the morning).

The integral procedure are also damp rubdowns which can be begun with two-month age, using at the same time a terry towel or a special mitten from the same fabric. Water temperature for children of early age has to be not below 33 - 34 C, and in winter time - 34 - 35 C. Further water temperature gradually lower by 1 C, bringing it to 28 - 30 C.

At children 2 - 4 - x years about 24 - 26 C, and at children till 7 years are recommended to reduce water temperature to 22 - 23 C gradually.

At school age it is possible to reduce water temperature to 18 - 20 C. After rubdown the body is wiped dry, slightly pounding it before easy reddening. In 1,5 months of damp rubdowns it is possible to pass to douche, but only to kids is more senior than one year.

It is also possible to carry out procedure of a hardening during a hygienic bathtub.

to Children to 6 - ti carry out them months two times a week, then pour water 1 - 2 C lower than a hygienic bathtub, and gradually reduce water temperature for douche to 24 - 25 C.

to Children is more senior than one year carry out douche with the water temperature 1 - 2 C lower, than at rubdown, gradually reducing to 20 C.

Children after two years can take a shower within two minutes, then it is good to pound a body a towel before reddening of skin.

Thus, at the correct carrying out the tempering procedures, the child it is possible to temper quite long time and to receive good result - a good health.

Dear mothers and fathers! Take care of the children since childhood, you raise them strong and healthy. Care for them, you love each other and be happy.