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What is the childish Olympic Games? I waited for

of the Meeting with this person very long. Shevchenko Igor Aleksandrovich - the trainer unique in own way. During all the time it could let out on the world scene of many talented athletes, but how at it it turned out? What for this purpose had to be made? Igor Aleksandrovich told about it to me.

Igor Aleksandrovich worked at sports boarding school of the city of Minsk. This person thought up the childish Olympic Games. It is a pity that they already do not exist, but then games were practically same, as well as the presents. They differed only in the organization and smaller quantity of types. And so, everything was identical.

Everything began with the fact that pupils of sports boarding school before the Olympic Games were divided into groups and chose to themselves the country under the flag of which they wanted to act. Before opening pupils carefully prepared, studied history of the chosen country, and also the biography of the glorified athletes.

A day before opening children gathered in the assembly hall, and each group represented the country. According to teachers, it not only promoted studying of history of sport in the different countries, but also geography, history generally.

After representation of team went to stadium. Everyone left with the plate on which the name of the country was written. After all participants were constructed, official opening began. As well as at the real games, flags rose and played anthems.

After an official part start was given to competitions. Children fought for places on a pedestal and got medals. The team competition was defined. Final runnings and games were held. Sometimes there were even scandals, as well as at the real games.

As the teams representing the different countries and on a pedestal, in honor of the winner participated, played the anthem of the chosen country. All this so was pleasant to children that they looked forward to the following games and diligently prepared for them.

After all competitions came to the end, closing was carried out. The best athletes were defined. As Igor Aleksandrovich Shevchenko spoke, they were already going to write the chronicle, but there was a collapse of the USSR, and about games forgot. There were set of new problems. Everything exchanged, and games ceased to exist.

Though still many who spoke at the childish Olympic Games and later in the World Cups and the real Olympic Games, remember those nice days when they temporarily became participants of games both from Ethiopia, and from the USA.

Many participants remember preparation for the Olympic Games. It also differed from present. Then children is athletes did not run cross-countries on 20 kilometers, and ran five, and then did a halt (a small stop at which were supported with sugar) had a little a rest, did several exercises, and then about five kilometers ran again.

The childish Olympic Games are already history, but they can be renewed? It was pleasant to children, and they wanted to train.

Many thanks for the story to Shevchenko Igor Aleksandrovich - to the honored trainer of Republic of Belarus and the USSR.