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Whether it is worth buying a permit operating system?

Summer, are time rest and purchase of the computer - at this particular time many firms provide discounts. Upon purchase of the computer you should - buy the choice an operating system or not and if to buy, then what is better? Doubts are justified, a difference between a counterfeit and permit operating system approximately 1800r, this money can be invested in the computer and it will be more productive. Or all - it is better not to save? In recent years our country wants to join WTO and thanks to it the majority of the software becomes license, first of all products of the Microsoft company. Fulfilling requirements of the WTO, the militia struggles with violators of copyright, and violators still sell the disks.

So why all - permit operating systems buy? The reasons a little - an opportunity to update the system on the Internet; the firm in which bought the computer makes repair in the presence of the installed permit operating system; desire to be a law-abiding citizen (citizen); the license software of other firms is used; fear to damage the equipment of the computer. Let`s sort all these points one after another: 1. In my opinion, an opportunity to update an operating system is necessary only to professionals who use possibilities of system for all 100% or to those users who in panic are afraid of viruses and swing patches. 2. Some firms upon purchase report that the guarantee is possible only in the presence of the permit operating system installed on a disk. (nothing can break, of course, but solve to you) 3. So many years accustomed us to freedom, and now suddenly it turned out that the software has owners - it is bad to break the law. 4.

If you establish piracy game on a permit operating system, activation should be carried out anew though however and some counterfeit systems sin with the blue screen with activation - only in this case to carry out activation is useless. 5. Novice users fall into a trance at everyone to breakage an operating system of the computer and to frighten, having told that the counterfeit operating system can break something, for the manager of firm only in pleasure (here laptops it seems sometimes explode so now not to buy them?) Decided to buy - you on the right track (perhaps). Buying a permit operating system, it is worth paying attention to how this operating system is called, except widely known Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000 systems only the Windows XP is distributed recently (Linux is not considered). Not all know that the Windows XP can be in different executions - Home Edition and Professional Edition. Difference between Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional Edition - a set of functions, at their professional version is more. Also pay attention to the SP1 or SP2 (SP3) prefix, there are cases when equipment drivers incorrectly work with SP1, especially if it is the latest devices. Buying the preset operating system, pay attention to existence of a sticker with a key on the computer case.

You remember, money for an operating system will not return to you as it is established, also the main thing - a key which you bought, - from you works, and belongs only to you. Activation of an operating system - is simple and clear, all steps are painted on points and if that is unclear, helps you the operator. Of course, this article does not call for anything but only it informs what pay money for and what product should be bought.