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Whether all best is embodied in the person? It is necessary to recognize

(and events in the world for themselves speak) that recently homo sapiens arrives not absolutely reasonably, thoughtlessly operating world around, destroying and destroying the house under the name Earth. Unlike animals who, submitting to the instincts, take by nature only the most necessary for life the person often moves not mercy and love, but greed and egoism

But, despite everything, the Person - nevertheless the most unique being on the planet Earth and the biggest riddle of the Nature. Not without reason the Person is called also by a measure of all things as his body is the most perfect tool. For example, in the Bible it is told that God gave manuals to Moisey how to construct a tabernacle: Make the Tabernacle of ten covers of a twisted fine linen and of blue, purple and dark red wool, and make cherubs on them by skillful work; length of each cover twenty eight elbows, and width of each cover four elbows: measure to one all covers (The Outcome 26:1 - 2); or, how to make an ark: Make an ark of a tree sitty: length to it two elbows with a half, and width to it one and a half elbows, and height to it one and a half elbows; also impose it with pure gold, its breed " from within and outside; (Outcome 25:10).

In 1855 the German researcher of a golden ratio professor Tseyzing published the work Aesthetic researches thereby, confirming knowledge ancient about development of all live in the nature. Tseyzing did enormous work. He measured about two thousand human bodies and came to a conclusion that the golden ratio expresses the average statistical law. Division of a body a navel point - the most important indicator of a golden ratio.

Proportions of a male body fluctuate within the average relation 13:8 = 1,625 and slightly closer approach a golden ratio, than a proportion of a female body concerning which average value of a proportion is expressed in the ratio 8:5 = 1,6. At the newborn the proportion makes the relation 1:1, by 13 years it is equal 1,6, and by 21 year man`s equals. Proportions of a golden ratio are shown also concerning other parts of a body - length of a shoulder, forearm and brush, brush and fingers etc. (Victor Lavrus. Golden ratio ) .

But not only bible characters used these laws. History knows a set of examples when a body of the person, his proportions, served as a measure - it is both the Egyptian pyramids, and cult buildings in Ancient Greece, and also works of painting and a sculpture of ancient masters

At all the genius and originality of people everything are could not exist without the world surrounding it which gives it food, experience and knowledge. The knowledge of laws of the Nature gives to the person the chance to model and realize new and perspective projects

Watching the nature, the person studies at the brothers smaller, and he has to them be grateful for many opening and inventions.

We study at birds

scientists Once, watching flight of pelicans, found out that the pelican flying after the relative receives additional carrying power. By means of special devices scientists also established that at this time heart rate at it decreases by 15 percent in comparison with when it flies one.

Scientists decided to simulate this unique phenomenon on equipment, having equipped the plane - the tester with the difficult electronic devices helping the pilot to remain precisely at distance of 90 meters from the plane flying ahead with a tolerance in 30 centimeters. The result surpassed all expectations. Front resistance decreased by 20 percent, and fuel consumption - for 18 percent.

Researchers consider that results of tests can be applied in military and civil aviation. The pelican also helped people to construct the plane for suppression of wildfires and the unique " amphibian; The Pelican - 4 .

We study friendship at a lichen

to Everyone, probably, had to see in the wood, on trees or stones various lichens which, according to some sources, there are about 20 thousand types. Visually the lichen seems a uniform organism, but actually it is the mutually advantageous union of a mushroom and alga.

What roused these organisms to so firm friendship at which they look as a single whole? As well as all live in the nature, these mushrooms and seaweed help to survive each other. As mushrooms cannot make to themselves food, they by means of microscopic threads entangle seaweed which by means of photosynthesis make sugar. These sugar appear through walls of seaweed, and mushrooms with pleasure absorb them. For the kindness seaweed receive moisture and protection against the scorching sun from grateful neighbors.

From humour shares among scientists lichens are called the mushrooms conducting agriculture . And, really, they do it quite not bad as lichens, statistically, lands occupy in 10 times more the spaces, than it is damp rainforests . They can be seen everywhere, even in the Arctic, Antarctic, and also in the most unexpected and unusual places - on backs of live insects!

And in water, as on the land.

Various organisms are on friendly terms not only on the land, such friendship is observed pretty often in water open spaces of our planet.

Coral reeves are only one of examples of such friendship - symbiosis of polyps and seaweed. Completely covering polyps, seaweed do them especially colourful. Often the weight of these seaweed exceeds the weight of polyps, sometimes by 3 times. Therefore corals belong to vegetable rather, than to fauna. However the main function of seaweed - by means of photosynthesis to make organic substances which 98 percent they give to the owners in quality rent . These organic substances are necessary for polyps for a survival and construction of a rifoobrazuyushchy limy skeleton.

But seaweed receive double advantage from this friendship. In - the first, they eat waste of activity of polyps: carbon dioxide, compounds of nitrogen and phosphates, and, in - the second, the strong skeleton serves them as protection. As seaweed for photosynthesis need a sunlight, coral reeves grow only in the pure, lit with the sun waters.

But there are also unpleasant moments in such cohabitation. When corals have a stress, for example, at water temperature increase, polyps dump from themselves seaweed and gradually lose color. It leads polyps to starvation.

But it is natural process, and often there are moments when these stresses for the Nature are created the thoughtless activity by people who, apparently, have to make thrifty use of the, in fact, to assistants.

But greed and aspiration to a profit in any ways and in the ways, the desire to fasten on itself is as much as possible expensive knickknacks and to decorate the house with skins of endangered animal some representatives of homo sapiens really surprises. For the sake of desire to have the best house or the best car they barbarous treat the Nature, operating it in such a way that after that it is impossible to restore anything. And it, in turn, can lead to catastrophic consequences.

Disturbing signals of the future of the planet arrive every day, and scientists sound about it alarm for a long time. For example, on October 9, 2006 - go years the research center Global Footprint Network of the USA established the fact ecological debit i.e., inhabitants of Earth absorb more resources, than the planet is able to make. In the disturbing message it is told: If we continue to exhaust a subsoil, to pollute water and air, to fell trees and devastate the seas with the same speed as now, less than for half a century there will be no left what could be burned, poisoned and used for livelihood, travel and entertainments .

All civilized world is disturbed by the similar phenomena, it is stated in the report of WWF Living Planet Report which was made at cooperation with the London society Zoological Society and scientific Global Footprint. In particular, in the report five possible scenarios of development of the planet Earth are stated. According to the worst scenario which received the name In total as always the apocalypse will come in 2050 - m to year. Scientists drew a sad conclusion that the ecological collapse is close, and many can become witnesses of the most serious accident in the history of mankind, more large-scale in comparison with previous when microorganisms and huge animals perished.

During the period since 1970 - go for 2003 - y years, - it is said in the report, - living beings became 31% less . It means that the biodiversity - variety of all organisms coexisting together - is reduced (On the materials La Stampa).

But nevertheless is believed that prudence will win against ignorance, and on the beautiful planet Earth still many millions of years will exist life


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