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How much is house... to wait?


(a ridiculous formula of coefficient of availability of housing for far from mathematics)

All of us dream of the house. Naturally, about the. In which it is possible to enjoy equally effectively life and sometimes to disappear from it. In which friends, work and relatives - are regulated by existence of a double door, and the roof and walls only strengthen feeling of self-sufficiency. And if we did not get the house yet, then our brain is drilled in a disgusting way by tiresome voprosets: When, when ?

As well as all normal people, I did not suspect that on this question davny - bright statistical minds thought up the answer long ago. That there is an elementary formula which in cold objective figure will press down any unsteady questions. To be among I was lucky devoted in a statistics cabbala, and lit up insayt immediately demanded to share with someone. I share with you.

At adult and very serious seminar where devoted in a formula (it was the discussion platform by determination of availability of housing to citizens with middle-income), I was warned that the making formulas - variables, and results can turn out so unexpectedly - ridiculous that it is better not to subject companions with weak mentality to any calculations, or not to devote at least in what will turn out.

the Girl I practical, and therefore glyantsevo - pink lyrics solved all, is pure for interest, to shift to the field of sober physics. As experimental object begged to act the colleague Zhenechka homeless so far. To the wife - 21 years. It has the higher education, an optimistic serene look on life and absolutely normal age needs for self-realization: there is a wish to work, communicate and study with pleasure to new. Equally as with the same pleasure to spend earned, to receive the portion of communication and to realize new (necessary or not necessary) knowledge. On it actually and all prelude.

Ah and! We with Zhenka estimated the mentality on well therefore to consider mudflows very safely.

A formula, I repeat, it is very simple, and as a result allows to speak with a big share of objectivity about that, the favourite / individual inhabited space is how available / to you. Or rather, what is the time it will be required to the conscious, not privorovyvayushchy and not consisting related to Bill Gates citizen for accumulation of the sufficient sum. Naturally, we needed preliminary data. And as Zhenka has no secrets from the people and the homeland, on publication it gave a basic consent. So .

S - the area of the apartment which you want - in square meters.

Marrying at us without special claims therefore declared that it for eyes will have enough 1.5 inch tubing. That is, standard thirty six squares.

With is an average cost of square meter of housing - we considered in all clear dollars.

As to count on a state program of housing construction, with magic 350 at. e for square meter, Zhenya cannot on the whole kilometer of the reasons, the cost of housing was taken very actual - 500 c.u. for square meter (and hypothetically it as though is invariable. As though!)

D - it is the average per capita income on the person, besides in dollars within a year.

Well, that is revenue of Zhenya. Roughly speaking - monthly and invariable receipt within a year. At Zhenya it made 166 dollars a month and 1992 dollars a year respectively.

- respectively, an average per capita expense (too in dollars).

Here, of course, could be assumed that Zhenya does not eat, does not put on and it is not spent on mylomoyushchy and cosmetics, but in a prelude it is mentioned - she is a normal girl. Consumes proteins, fats and carbohydrates in quantity, natural to its young organism, follows the fashion, without hitting in ultra - the left glamour and considers as a huge personal shortcoming untidiness which, naturally, is not able to afford. She does not pay for accommodation at relatives (Zhenya`s parents, living in the village, provide all relatives of natures - a product), but monthly pays the cell phone and affords modest cultural exits . Well, even in this situation and hardly tightened thong - expenses take place to be. Also make 84 dollars a month and 1008 dollars a year.

N - this number of people in a family.

Zhenka so far one, and in the same structure plans to acquire housing. If the quantity in a family another, then N indicator - changes respectively.

Now a formula:

the Coefficient of Availability of Housing (CAH) = / (D - P) * Is substituted (S*C) by N

our indicators:

KJ = (36 sq.m $500) / ($1992 - $1008) 1 persons

Under a condition, I repeat, austerity and without an increase in prices for housing, inflation and unexpected falling on the head of the cases filled by dollars the following figures turn out:

= 18000/984 =18,3

you Know Zhenya`s KJ that it 18,3? It is also a miracle - availability coefficient! This that number of years for which Zhenya, at all above-mentioned will be able to buy the aforesaid thirty six square meters. That is, in thirty nine, she will be able quite to abandon hospitable relatives and, at last to feel in a palm pleasant weight of keys from the dwelling. However, it is healthy? Especially as in forty years life only begins!

P. S. If you want to conduct independently calculations - be not afraid of objectivity of figures. Even at all their importance - to calculate the human not killed belief in the best, to describe coefficient of optimism and to calculate positivity of an instant - at them alas! still it did not turn out .