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Whom were pioneers of the Russian aeronautics?

Except for semi-mythical flight of the scribe Kryakutny and several similar attempts to plan on self-made wings, the first Russian which flew up in the sky was, no, not Mozhaisk, but the general from an infanteriya Sergey Lavrentyevich Lvov. There was it so.

In 1803 to St. Petersburg there arrived one of the first aeronauts Andre - Jacques Garneren, the pupil of the inventor of a gas balloon professor Charles. This arrival marked a certain change in views of a ruling clique of Russia of aeronautics.

The matter is that the flights fashionable at that time which were taking place abroad in Russia were most strictly forbidden by Ekaterina the special imperial decree in the prevention of fire cases and other unfortunate adventures . But Alexander I who had a kind feeling to French withdrew a ban. Garneren received the privilege to rise on a balloon before the St. Petersburg and Moscow public.

And in spite of the fact that the balloon was hydrogen, and, so, very fire-dangerous, on June 20, 1803 in St. Petersburg at confluence of huge crowd of the audience the first indicative flight took place. Aeronauts were watched by the emperor. But and here Lviv? It departed for a month later.

On July 18 Garneren offered the person interested from public to rise with him. Moreover, he offered the man of courage the fee in 2000 rubles silver. Here that Sergey Lavrentyevich also volunteered to fly. Zloyazyky court buffoons right there wrote the epigram: The General Lviv flies to clouds - to ask gods about payment of debts .

Nevertheless, to the sixty-year-old general of bravery was not to borrow. Hera Ochakova and Izmail, passed through a hearth russko - the Turkish wars, took the place in a balloon basket in full rigging, with a tape of an award of Saint Saint Anna I - y degrees through a shoulder.

But do not think that it is so simple, took and departed. Only from the highest pleasure of the emperor. The sphere with two aeronauts onboard rose from a parade-ground of military school. Flight took place at the height of 2500 meters.

From such height all small then St. Petersburg was clearly. But wind was unexpectedly changed, and the sphere departed towards the Gulf of Finland. Careful Jacques Garneren forced a sphere to fall by the earth.

And in May, 1804 together with Garneren in the sky the first Russian vozdukhoplavatelnitsa of Tusheninov rose. The balloon rose by height nearly two kilometers. During flight the thunder-storm burst. But neither the rain, nor wind frightened aeronauts. On the contrary, overcoming of elements inspired them.

After this flight in Russia became in balloons seriously interested. Soon independent flights of the Russian aeronauts began. The staff - the doctor Kashinsky was the first. Its flights in the balloon - a montgolfier took place in Moscow in Not dull garden on October 6 and on October 13, 1805.

The first Russian woman - a vozdukhoplavatelnitsa madam Ilyinskaya rose on a balloon of own design on August 31, 1828. But, as she was only a bourgeois, neither her name, nor the biography reached us.

So the era of air flights in Russia began.