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How many years to the Zodiac?

Are known that Ancient Egyptian priests by means of external figures, drawings, and also in legends and myths ciphered sacral knowledge of the Universe which could understand only devoted. From century to century people transferred each other these myths, legends and images of the mysterious figures and signs traced on columns of ancient temples and cult constructions without suspecting about their true sense. And thanks to it, secret messages ancient in the millennia reached our time.

One of such ancient messages was revealed in 1799 - m to year in the half-ruined temple complex in the city of Dendera, approximately in 300 km from Cairo, members of military expedition of Napoleon Bonaparte who waged at that time aggressive war in Africa. Scientists who, as usual, accompanied Napoleon in all his companies were struck with a type of perfectly remained Zodiac circle, with all its constellations, inscriptions and drawings on the arch of one of constructions.

The image of the Zodiac was located against the star chart. Nearby, on a sarcophagus cover, also the rectangular Zodiac was found. So for the first time scientists received Ancient Egyptian originals of the Zodiac for research.

Soon the round Dendersky Zodiac was sent to Paris where it was exposed in Louvre for a public inspection. This event caused a wave of mass hobby for horoscopes and jewels of the Zodiac in France.

Scientists undertook comprehensive study of a unique find at this time. Such famous scientists as the mathematician and the astronomer Laplace, the physicist and the mathematician Fourier, and others took part in researches. But, despite it, completely it was not possible to reveal all secrets of the Zodiac: the Ancient Egyptian cuneiform writing which made inscriptions was not deciphered by then yet.

In the same 1799 - m year the destiny presented to scientists one more unique find which was found by the French military in Egypt near Rosetta`s city. During earthwork operations on strengthening of a fort they found a basalt plate on which the text in three languages was cut. Two (Ancient Greek and Greco - the Egyptian slang of an era of Ptolomey) the scientist were well-known. The third - Ancient Egyptian which became for scientists a stumbling block.

It is interesting that the find of a plate coincided with work on decoding of the Egyptian hieroglyphs of the young French linguist Shampolyon, and the rozettsky stone for it was the real godsend. Leaning on two known languages, Shampolyon recreated also all Ancient Egyptian alphabet.

And when Shampolyon worked on interpretation of ancient Egyptian texts, among scientists there was a discussion about an origin and age of a unique find. Some scientists assumed that to the Zodiac not less than 15 thousand years, others claimed that its age does not exceed 4 thousand years. There were also other versions, but all of them were disproved in 1822 - m to year when Jean-Francois Champolion finished work on interpretation of hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt.

On the Dendersky Zodiac he read the word Avtokrator . Avtokrator - it was a rank which belongs to the 1st century AD, and only his two Roman emperors - Claudius and Neron carried. So young age of the Egyptian Zodiac was confirmed also with astronomical conclusions.

The German linguist Heinrich Bush paid attention to the symbolical drawing located among stars of the Dendersky Zodiac. In drawing five wandering planets, well-known to science which were represented in the form of five gods wandering on the sky with staffs were represented. The statement of astronomers that position of these five planets in an overall picture of stars practically does not repeat in time and can be approximately similar time in 5 thousand years, specified that the arrangement of planets on the Dendersky Zodiac corresponded to an era of the beginning of a Christian era, i.e., to the first half of the 1st century AD

there was a version After a while that the Zodiac as the certain universal scheme of the device of the universe allowing to track evolution process got to astronomers of Ancient Egypt from the outside. But from where? Scientists should find out it, and their efforts were directed to researches of ancient finds of Babylon, Assyria, Persia, Judea and Shumera.

By then only ancient monuments of an era of Judah which were more or less studied were available to research of the matter. But scientists did not find any proofs that in Judea the Zodiac could appear. And to investigate fully finds of other ancient civilizations there was no opportunity as letters of Babylon, it is equal as Sumer, akkadsky, hurritsky, hettsky, elamsky and drevnepersidsky were not deciphered by then...

But a number of unexpected opening helped scientists to answer the question concerning them. In 1835 - m to year, in the territory of Persia, the English officer Raulinson who was doing in the spare time from military duties ancient letters and their interpretation found the strange text on the steep Bekhistunsky rock. Having climbed up as the real rock-climber, on height of 100 feet, Raulinson copied this text which was written in three languages. As it became clear later, this text was cut on command of the drevnepersidsky tsar (the tsar of the state Akhemenidov) Darius I (522 - 486 to N e).

Studying and analyzing the found texts, Raulinson as a result made grammar and the dictionary of drevnepersidsky language, the alphabet assiro - the Babylon cuneiform writing, opened and deciphered new, elamsky writing of one of the ancient people of Mesopotamia.

the Bekhistunsky find and Raulinson`s opening cleared Zodiac origin sources which were hidden in texts on clay tablets of library of the drevneassiriysky tsar Assurbanipal. In the plate No. 5 ( When above - the poem about creation of the world) the Babylon impudent persons was stated astronomy, a cosmogony, history of the Zodiac, constellations, planets Texts of scientists - impudent persons were traditionally painted by mysticism of the Babylon religion.

But depth and accuracy of astronomical calculations just struck: a ratio of planets and constellations on each of 12 months; their relation to the North Pole; the Moon given about opposition, planets and zodiac constellations. The German scientist Gentsel who was engaged at that time in texts of impudent persons claimed that the millennia are necessary for achievement of such level of knowledge of the heavenly sphere.

Also in ancient letters of impudent persons it is possible to meet the description of the precious heavenly stones corresponding to zodiac signs. For example, the epos about the national hero Gilgamesh reveals secret of their birth. In search of the antediluvian ancestor Ut - Napeshtima Gilgamesh is forced to overcome inconceivable obstacles. At last, it reaches the world`s end. Having overcome the last obstacle, terrible the person - scorpions, it gets to a marvelous heavenly garden of Gods. Here on trees instead of fruits jewels grow:

The Cornelian fructifies, fine covered with clusters, by sight.

Lazurite started up leaves - also fructifies, by sight pleasant ...

(The epos about Gilgamesh, About the one who saw everything tab. IX)

But when and where exactly the first Zodiac appeared or as it is called still - circle of animals there is everything so far - secret, and it could get to Babylon from some other more ancient civilization. There is firm one - the eternal truth put in the Zodiac - a circle of zodiac constellations which is interrupted between constellations of Fishes and the Aries - they the beginning and the end of evolutionary development of the person, according to the Egyptian zodiac from the temple in Dender. If time moves clockwise, monotonously reeling up a round behind a round of biological life, then spiritual development happens in an opposite direction. So the eternity moves.


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