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Tuning - the Modern art of

Tuning - as is a lot of in it a sound! Tuning - comes from English tuning - control. The concept of tuning very much changed walking on steps of time and in the 21st century entered along with concepts - style, fashion and design. Cars became not only are loaded inside, but became works of arts externally.

each car owner has a desire to make the car more individulny therefore huge demand for an exclusive instantly raised the cost of this pleasure. To make the masterpiece of the car, now costs a fortune.

Style is present at each bend of the car. What to begin with? You will respond to this answer. As each car is individual as her owner.

the Aerographics - an art list, the excellent decision to make the bright solution of your idea of the car. Color - the right hand of fashion. The texture of coloring is accurate and smoothly applied on the car with layers of special paint, give to the car character. Pleasantly pink glamourous color with florets, and at once it is clear that driving the pleasant girl with quite good taste. It is gray - black gloomy colors, give to the car mysteriousness, a fog and perhaps imperious owner driving with the true male character. Bright colors give reckless drivers. Every color gives this or that shade, capacities, car speeds.

Toning - blackout of windows, became daily convenience to many motorists. Nevertheless the attention forces itself to pay. Tinted car windows not only can protect the owner from sunshine, but also from curious eyes of the big city. Gives special smack of reliability, and stylishness it avtomobitsya.

Xenon and headlights, lighting. Well tell in what city there is no night? And powerful headlights, illumination of the car, will always help you to be guided better in space, and once again will give you chance to brag of your artifact among others.

Neon Music and video, new opportunities to decorate the trip with good qualitative music or the interesting program for satellite TV once again will repeat your irresistibility

. The big city, a big stopper - the TV favourite program.

Salon, that place in which the owner of the car and its fellow travelers sits. To make this place the coziest desire of everyone. To think over each thing, each small screw will demand a lot of time. To choose color scale too remains a difficult task. Sports style, leather salon still remain leaders. To operate all functions having all buttons near at hand, not only dream of each car owner, but also a domokhozyaka in kitchen, the president of the country in an office.

Technical tuning, for those who loves not only beauty outside, but also power inside. There is an opportunity to address to several tuning companies (most it is not recommended to do). There will offer several services at once: tuning of the engine, tuning final / inlet systems, tuning of brake system, tuning of transmission and suspension bracket.

Quite popular in Russia are tuning elements in the form of spoilers, rear wings and air inlets. But it is only part of elements which in the sum create stability of the car and make its design. Also help with it: turnbuckles, weather-cloths, lattices, thresholds, slips, nozzles on an exhaust pipe and other.

Qualitative rubber, cast disks and pro-rates of wheels, will give to the car stability and reliability, and it is especially necessary for fans of speed. Not always than wider than the tire more thorns, the car will look more stylishly. The golden mean is even in tuning.

Tuning it not only desire to look fashionably and stylishly, for some tuning are a hobby and hobby. At some it smoothly flows in an incurable illness. Modernization of own car turns the owner into the slave, and the vehicle in an idol. Beauty demands the victims, any will answer who at least once in life faced tuning.