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How not to miss in any company, or Game all age are obedient to

we Will present a situation. Whether it be birthday, New year, on March 8, day of the Commune of Paris You gathered the big company, made happy the next supermarket with purchases of everyones sjedobnost prokhladitelnost and goryachitelnost And what`s next? Long ago it is noticed that crowd has property to break up on small groups on interests if it (that is, crowd ) does not connect any general interest. Not solidly, misters if fun in this case is in direct ratio to quantity absorbed liquids number N and time spent being able not standings ? And what then, amicably to gnaw sunflower seeds? Well, why. Here to you several examples of how it is possible to have a good time cheerfully and nicely!

If you, my friend, were a tree...

The more participants of game - the better. The main thing that all each other though was a little known. Someone one departs away and patiently waits until he is called. At this time attendees choose the others " from among; victim which it is necessary to expose . The same who had to guess, comes back and asks all in turn questions approximately of such maintenance: If this person was a tree what it would be for a tree? And what piece of furniture could be this person? What element of clothes it could be? What literary character? Generally, we include the imagination!

The only minus of this entertainment - often you will not play it, associations will repeat for certain. But cheerfully to remember that someone was called a bumblebee ( angry and fluffy ), someone CD - ROMOM ( spins, tries, and everything is real for it the processor and a materinka " do;), bullet-proof vest ( same bulletproof ), wardrobe ( with a heap of boxes and doors ) Well, and of course, those who is chronically sensitive should not play it. And that, you look, the balcony on the head will fail

The Campaign on the North

O! It is game for those who do not know yet that exist black cherva and red peaks (looked The Route - 60 ?) . The number of participants is not limited, during game can change. About a third from them - knows rules (they go north ). The others will not go to this campaign, will not guess yet in what counter . Having guessed, they too go to the North .

Any subject, some kind of artifact which will be handed over undertakes (the travel card, a hairbrush, a pocket mirror etc.) . The first participant knowing rules says the sacramental phrase which he should repeat during game still more than once: Attentively listen to everything that we tell. An answer - in our words . Also went - went:

- I go north and I take with myself a sleeping bag, - says the first and transfers the chosen artifact to the second player with words: Please, Vasya (Kolya, Masha) .

If Vasya knows rules, then he will tell something it seems:

- I go north and I take with myself the tape recorder. Please, Dima! - respectively, the treasured subject appears in hands at Dima. we Will assume

, Dima does not know rules and puzzly continues:

- I go north and I take with myself matches.

Having passed on baton further, Dima is sure that he went north (still, as without matches in the north!) but amicably declare to it that, alas, he stayed at home. Dima will begin to look for logic in that, that his artful friends take with themselves. However a secret at all not in it. With itself it is possible to take anything, but only those who, passing round an artifact, will pronounce any words of politeness (" will go north; please if you please be kind be caress and so on).

Reaction at those who, for example, within an hour tried to leave on the North and at last caught up expedition, happens different, for example:

- What stupid game! Ha - ha - ha - ha! I go north and I take with myself the Kalashnikov! Please, Masha!

- But same is so simple! It is necessary to complicate! I go north and I do not take with myself anything! Be kind, Vika.

Simply or difficult - a controversial issue. There were such shots which on 10 times managed to go north without having guessed in what a trick. It is visible, by nature such polite!. Good game. It is a pity, " too; disposable !.

Let`s arrange a facade!

This game are known by all and, fortunately, in it it is possible to play as much as necessary and any company. I will remind rules to those who forgot partially them. Someone one thinks of the word - someone another represents thought. All others try to decipher a pantomime. As far as game will turn out cheerful, depends also on acting skills of participants, and on the offered words. Think at a leisure, as if you represented traitor or panshchina or " Sprite; or interval or, say, Criminal code .

Oh, I played with you. Phone is broken off - friends wait. Well, to you - not to miss and to me too cheerfully to spend time!