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What cars were preferred stars The XX centuries?

of Bentley of John Lennon.

, for their fantastic musical achievements, conservative British society recognized the Beatles Group at once. And therefore surprised nobody when John Lennon, having ordered Rolls - Royce Phantom V, received it quicker usual, contrary to tradition - long expectation of the order. The great value in this history was played by popularity of group.

John while time was in psychodelic creative process. By means of multi-colored aerosols it turned a sad black body into a peculiar picture. When photos works the irrepressible imagination of John Lennon appeared in the press, the management of plant could not believe that them Rolls turned into buffoonery as the press wrote about it.

But his car very much was pleasant to John. And once he even refused to go with group to tours to America as his favourite did not hold in the plane. But, eventually, he managed to be persuaded, having promised compensation over the ocean. In the USA organizers of tours provided to Lennon Bentley of 1955 of release.

Later couple of days the car could not be learned. John painted also him, having confirmed the art talent. Later, remembering, John spoke: It was not absolutely easy to be made . The work John also wanted to disprove allegedly opinion of the great biographer of group Gunter Davies who wrote once: Upon termination of the Beatles school loved physical work approximately as a dead dog - to bark .

Ford Thunderbinder Merlyn Monro.

During the noisy career Merlyn Monro replaced three husbands, but the car had only one - pink Ford Thunderbinder of 1955 of release. To it the thought never came to change Ford for majestic Jaguar or for the well-known Rolls - Royce. Pink Ford well approached its favourite color of dresses and hair.

The idea to make the Thunderbinder model came to the managing director of Ford Lewise D firm. Crusoea after it visited in 1951 a motor show in Paris. Special attention both producers, and buyers, expensive sports cars attracted here. Jaguar was presented by the HK, Bugatti model model 101, and such firms as Chrysler, Pegaso and Buick presented the new cabriolets.

Crusoea was an excellent businessman, and it had an idea to make attractive and rather cheap, but also not less comfortable car which the young guy and the housewife could afford. Calculation was correct: Thunderbinder appeared in the market in 1955. 200 horsepowers and of five liters to eight cylinder V - the figurative engine provided at that time unprecedented dispersal from 0 to 100 km less than in 10 seconds, and gathered the maximum speed to 180 kilometers.

At that time Ford Thunderbinder was more high-speed, than his closest competitor - Chevrolet Corvete. Advised new owners of Ford to check the cars in brisk boulevards. Merlyn Monro was not an exception. It was often seen on Hollywood Boulevard in the pink car, the right hand on a wheel, and in left - a cigarette. Once, when Merlyn was a little tipsy, it incidentally burned a cigarette sitting. Later the new owner of the car favourably exchanged this sitting. It is amazing that even the hole can have value over time if this hole Merlyn Monro Edith Piaf burned

of Packard Carribean Cabriolet of 1955 great.

Now that`s something like it - and - French every time when they saw on streets of Paris the six-meter monster, driving which the little woman - " was lost were surprised; Parisian sparrow - famous singer Edith Piaf. She bought the car almost on a slope of the career in 1955, according to the recommendation of the big expert and admirer of cars of the Packard brand, the famous actor Jean to Mara.

The car was at that time equipped with many technical achievements: an automatic transmission, the electromechanical servo-driver allowing to change the provision of front seats, and also windows and the antenna. When malfunctions were found, huge Packard was put in garage on repair. The mechanic at the sight of the driving car with admiration whistled: About - la - la .

Auburn 851 Speedster 1935 Mr. Marlene Dietrich.

In this car rode the most beautiful legs of the world belonging to the actress Marlene Dietrich. She bought it not for money, very big for herself. At that time Marlene was the highest paid actress in the world. For example, for a role in the movie Allah`s Garden she received in 1939 the sum, record for that time, - 200 thousand dollars.

Auburn 851 Speedster appeared in 1935 as reaction of auto makers to the end of crisis. The technician of August Duesenberg and the designer of Gordon Miller Buchring created model which ideally met the requirements of young vigorous people. Model 851 had 8 - the cylinder motor with the compressor, of 4,5 liters and 150 horsepowers, gathering speed to 170 kilometers per hour. The body of the car was reliable and elegant. Auburn 851 was on sale at the public price - at least, for this class of cars - 2245 dollar. Unexpectedly, in two years, these cars ceased to let out.

Rolls - Royce Phantom I of 1927. Greta Garbo

According to Greta Garbo`s contemporaries, for the charming actress any man was not rather good. However, rumors about its scandal stories with the famous and influential men often went during war. Among them there were, for example, a conductor of Leopold Stokovski and the millionaire of Georg Schlee, but still there are no proofs of these intimacies. Though it is well-known that Greta Garbo had enough admirers. It often had to resist to persistent offers from the actors who were fallen in love with it and even such magnate as Aristotle Onassis.

Contrary to it, Greta Garbo`s attitude towards the to the " phantom; became a legend. The seven-meter double model with the disguised refrigerator, 60 cm 1 m high, reminded more cruiser, than the car which it used quite often, especially in the summer and during shootings.

The actress and the car something became similar: Not at any price on light - her memorable answer to the proposal of the rich Greek was heard. To remember this answer still became tradition of Rolls firm - Royce which to you not at any price on light will not report what power the motor under a cowl with a figurine " has; Emily . Sufficient - the answer for curious is more than laconic.

Porsche Speedster 1955 Mr. Dzheymsa Dina.

James Dean ran away From boring magnificent Hollywood life on the racing car. Since the childhood he fell in love with cars and everything that was connected with them. Its cherished dream was to have own car. However it could achieve the dream only when became the highly paid actor. In 1955 from Germany to it brought the desired car of the Porsche brand.

At that time for America it there was already a popular and prestigious model. Sports Porsche of James looked very attractively and respectably to Los - Anzhelessky Boulevard. On the car he participated in all races in the vicinity. On September 30, 1955 James left on the car last time.

He died, hurrying on an auto racing, on the highway near Salinas. To it was only 24 years. Four days later after his death America the movie " came out; The Rebel without the reason where James played one of leading roles. Jack Warner from a film studio Warner Brothers originally doubted success of the movie as considered that nobody will go to look at the died actor . But it was delusion.

The premature and tragic death of the main participant of a car racing was the best advertizing for his two posthumous movies: The Rebel without the reason and Giant . James became the cult personality, and his fans agreed to pay for everything that was connected with him. The dexterous businessman bought fragments of his car, and everyone could look at them for 25 cents. The same who wanted to sit driving fragments had to pay twice more.

Article is prepared on materials of the foreign press.

the Translation from the Polish and English V. Pokidko.