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Who such - the rich person?

Rich people do not live in the hostel, do not rent apartment and do not keep the office below the first floor. They do not buy products and goods in the market, do not go by public transport, do not wash clothes hands. the Rich person does not eat

Fast " soup; and Big lunch does not drink lemonade and moonshine, does not use plastic ware and the hand drill.

In garage of the rich person is not necessary the car is more senior than five years.

the Rich person does not sleep more than eight hours a day and goes to parties of friends not more often than once a month. He also does not walk in socks full of holes and unpeeled boots, does not carry in hands of string-bags, plastic packages and thick portfolios. of course, the rich person will never buy

I the yacht for entertainments (but will make it for business meetings and infrequent rest), and also other things which do not bear practical and esthetic value.

But he values the time and does planned urgently. It is aimed at result. It has vital and professional reference points. It has a Purpose and there is a Mission.

the Rich person wakes up before many others and... runs on charging. It has a personal trainer. He uses dietary supplements and visits beauty shops.

the Rich person is not lonely. It is surrounded by adherents and powerful team of employees. He values partners, but chooses them very carefully. It does not do by all the hands, and employs for this purpose experts. His employees do not read at work of detectives, do not look for in working hours of entertainments on the Internet, do not gossip and are not lazy - they are professional, competent, interested in productive business.

Business for the rich person - not end in itself, but a way to become the strong personality, the wealthy and compassionate person. It gives not less tenth part of the profit on charity. He loves children, considers them by the future of the country, builds for them children`s towns and platforms, schools and parks. He respects old men, their experience and merits, does everything in order that their rest passed lives carelessly, in pleasure and a pacification. He loves the family, values recognition of all her members, surrounds them with the care, warmth and comfort in everything.

It is rich not only and not just with money Its wealth - wisdom, personal philosophy, a solvency in everything: in family life, business, sincere and physical harmony.

It also is - the rich person.