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How to fall in love or at least to accept friends of the half?

You do not love his friends, he does not love your girlfriends... the phenomenon is frequent, but not always objectively reasonable. Quite often leading role is played by jealousy. Why it suddenly on Sunday it has to go with them on soccer, and he thinks why instead of the promised dinner you call and say that you will be late since it is necessary to do some shopping with the girlfriend... and it is urgent! And at once there are negative emotions, such friends and girlfriends are awarded with sarcastic nicknames... You are afraid that yours the road will become same as his friends, he is afraid to see in you the great gossip and the squanderer.

What irritates most of all in friends of your blessed?

First of all , is that you in their company, as a rule, are not allowed. And any ignorance leads to the fact that you begin to dream! What are they engaged there in?! Any more not the fact that there purely men`s company.

In - the second , irritate frequent and not really, vypivalka without everyone, at your look, an occasion. Well, and who will like a smell of alcohol of cheerful darling? At you the resentment works - you wait for it for dinner, and it, a reptile... Then there are thoughts that it is subject to alcoholism that in general he you a droplet does not love, does not respect and does not appreciate! In response to your statements inertly answers, speaks, well you will think, drank a liqueur glass... And even shakes you for rage...

In - the third, the most burdensome category of friends - childhood friends, which, most often, a little what achieved in life and did not aspire, in general, and still sit in the yard on a shop and play dominoes. Nobody argues, good, intellectual occupation... Just for them a childhood - the best and light and as they can not keep for old brothers . For most of greenhorns - schoolmates they for the rest of life remain ringleaders, the first hooligans, idols of the far childhood whom continue to admire. Beggars who consciously do not let out the friends from children`s dependence are the most dangerous and continue to order and operate, milk and accustom to drinking to lower to the level.

How to help darling to see all this? it is Especially unsafe to adjust him on discharge from childhood friends. Most likely, time still it communicates with them, means something they are dear to it..., and were rather. But it is already a habit. Show the facts: what your darling really is mistaken in. Remember when such friend helped it? Yes, yes, sorry, forgot... in the 5th class. Explain that you do not want that he swore at someone, but if wants that he was respected, let know that will not allow to walk all over from itself.

It is better to be on friendly terms with friends who divide you for a while! As a rule, it is good people, it is not necessary to be angry and think out. Learn to trust each other. You too not tell about everything about what you talked to girlfriends. And with friends - popoyshchik it is necessary to fight cardinally and irrevocably. Offer alternative - you will drink with the girlfriend after work too to relax. I think, it will not seem it good idea. And if he does not object only because he does not want to refuse binge, think whether such copy is necessary to you?

It is also possible to distinguish several categories from your girlfriends. One of them - the best friend, with which you can share the most intimate. It angers him. Why? Of course, often a subject of discussion is it. On the one hand, well, means in your life he takes the main place, with another - it will be pleasant to whom that know about it how he sleeps and about what grumbles in a dream? Try that it was never present at such revelations!

Girlfriends with whom you go shopping and in night clubs. they, naturally, are not pleasant to It! He considers that with them you spend unreasonably that they (bitches) push you on rash acts. An exit such - to define together the expenses for a month, and also quantity of visits of clubs or still where - or. And the man should reconcile and he will calm down if all of you discuss in advance.

Still exist of the girlfriend at which everything is always bad which it is constant are cried . He considers that you are used in a role " vests; and the discontent wants to save. Reflect, it is right! It pours out on you the negative emotions, even such psychological reception is - to splash out all negative. Of course, it is the most convenient on the so-called girlfriend. And it is constant... nearly every evening... you, of course, are sorry, you sympathize with it, but thereby install in yourself everything this negative energy. I do not speak about cases when it is really necessary to help the person, having listened to him. And eternally crying - it is necessary to distance or advise to address the expert... otherwise, you will become eternally crying !

Often, women endow the girlfriends for the sake of darling, reducing their circle. Correctly it or not, I do not know, but it is the fact. Ours to friends, and it is rather people with whom we spend more time, there are friends of darling. Yes, absolutely forgot how the man when you have a girlfriend - a male is angry! And it is optional with nonconventional orientation. He can be understood! you do not like his girlfriends too... But if you really love each other, then, I will repeat, trust. And everything will be good. Good luck to you!