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What feelings foreign success can cause?

Unfortunately, foreign success (girlfriends, the friend, the relative) most often cause envy and rage . Also it is shown in different forms, sometimes this just bezobjyasnitelny termination of the relations, at best, is frequent douche by dirt of the successful person, and happens, as insertion of sticks in wheels of the one who, On - to opinion of the envious person, did not deserve godsends though worked in the days and at the nights... What now if there is a friend and there is an opportunity to be successful, it is necessary to choose? Most likely, it is not the friend..., because friends usually rejoice for progress of each other.

But why there is a green and white envy? Perhaps you will a little envy, and tomorrow will come to work with determination to prove to yourself and people around that you are capable of a lot of things too, and about the acquaintance already and forgot?! And somebody another will machinate instead to you and to zlopykhat behind your back. Also will feel sorry for the rest of the life for himself and to tell everything that too could reach much, but the destiny opportunity did not turn up.

Why such people begin to be angry? Of course, once, maybe, you were at one level, were on friendly terms, studied at one institute, but life, fortunately, does not stand still. You already managed to marry successfully or you have a person with whom you are ready to share the life, can at you is already and the kid, remarkable and favourite work... What do the envious person or the envious woman think? Why at it, at it? Why not at me? And to justify the laziness which does not allow to develop begins to speak and think, that all this on a silver platter with a kayemochka brought you that generally your partner or the husband changes you that your relations so... for the sake of appearances that on a career ladder the daddy advances you. It is the monotonous scheme of all envious persons irrespective of who your daddy, the husband... just these nouns are easily replaced with the uncle, the aunt and other. You all the same do not deserve it! Quite often there is also it that the best girlfriend takes away the husband from a family. And even not because loves and so that to prove to itself and people around that it is the best of all, most beautiful and clever. But the most unfortunate as a result. It is known that on foreign misfortune - not to construct happiness.

Why it is possible to forgive change, deception and many things, and here it is difficult for very much to forgive our achievements and progress? Of course, I do not speak about all people. I know that exist kind and sincere which can regret and warm at a difficult moment, but also be glad hotly for your progress.

In what male envy differs from female? Yes, envy it not only female prerogative. Male envy is far more dangerous. Envy is a weakness of character, first of all. And the weak man is... not the man. Why today`s cheerful friends become gossips and enemies? Because cannot assume that you are better than it. (I speak, about weak men!) The wife at you is more beautiful and cleverer... No!!! Here the principle of substitution - reality works for illusion. He will create an antipode of your wife, and in the opinion of your mutual friends she will be a zamukhryshka, the little fool... etc. Also believe, such person will find to what to cling! Interestingly, at it is at home a mirror?

A still your new car for which you worked several years... No, the car as it should be, just you bought it, but the father presented, or earned unfair. Here, again dilemma: the person who was a friend and your life which you build.

And happens that the husband envies the wife, or on the contrary. Actually, it is very dramatic. How it is possible to envy darling how it is possible not to be glad for him? And if there is a place of a green envy, then there is no place of LOVE! But all - I believe that each person has the chance , it is just necessary not to pass it and not to be lazy. You should not spend time for such unnecessary thing as envy. Always there will be a person who will be richer, cleverer, more beautiful and is more successful than you, but that we also are good that each of us is in own way individual. And everyone meets with the deserts! Do not envy, and do, create something! Good luck to you!