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These are the prices or phone numbers (or why the dollar will disappear?)

Came true! Now without problems it will be possible to order, for example, the fallen in love exercise machine, a hairpin - rastyagay, the miracle - a frying pan, a tape for weight loss and is a lot of other things useful in economy and so actively moving ahead on TV. It will not be necessary to call on work to the husband, to exasperate men sitting close by that those helped to transfer the prices so modest by sight to c.u. in our, wooden (and, it is desirable, on a last year). Then all the same it will turn out that overpaid that not watched at that exchange rate that the prices - that not in at. e were, and in euro and there is a lot more pleasant trifles . No, with it it is necessary to do something No, in the State Duma everything is certain - people sit

Authorities adopted the new law forbidding to specify the prices in dollars and other currency. Now in professional advertizing cost indexes have to be specified only in rubles and only in case of need - an equivalent in foreign currency.

the New law which is almost unanimously approved by deputies will come into force since July 1, 2007. Idea of the law is as follows: to lift the status of the Russian currency, to increase trust to ruble of the Russian citizens, and all in order that ruble in the international market. Authorities remembered once again that under the Constitution the ruble is national currency and lawful means of payment.

the countries tried to Strengthen ruble exchange rate and to put in order the upset financial state and at the time of Witte. The most part of the XIX century in the country there were actually two parallel rubles - silver and paper, so-called bank notes. At the conclusion of the transaction usually specified - silver or bank notes ? And, paper money always cost obviously cheaper sound silver.

In the second half of the XIX century ruble exchange rate began to go down considerably. It was necessary to achieve that the paper ruble was reliably guaranteed by precious metal. As that in the Russian Empire gold was chosen. Besides, it was necessary to stop at once game on ruble exchange rate. And such speculation had huge scales. Rubles suitcases secretly and obviously took out abroad for speculation at the exchange.

In 1896 the State Council concerning financial reform several times sat. There were fierce disputes. Reform had many influential opponents. But Witte was convincing: the country endures economic recovery, gold mining grows, it is quite possible to create stable monetary system. And on January 3, 1897 there was the Royal Decree where it was told: For elimination of occasions in the doubts generated in the population by discrepancy of nominal advantage in the price determined for exchange on credit money we Rule - to mint a gold coin .

The ruble containing 0,7742 gr became monetary unit. (17,424 shares) pure gold, divided into 100 kopeks.

With pride the press stated introduction into circulation of new money: The Dollar became in one price with our ruble " now;.

At the beginning of the 21st century we cannot tell so so far. All of us still transfer - blood rubles to conventional units, yens, pounds, euro - and so indefinitely. Inflation in the country is not going to be slowed down yet. However, the law which can stabilize a little a financial situation is adopted. Only ill luck: now in announcements of property sale the price of goods we will it is possible to confuse with a phone number of the seller. And we already again understand that we live to amuse others and, in turn, to laugh at them.