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How to control the emotions? Action and inaction of

Here that needs to be told first of all: in the world there are no emotions. Around us there are no such unclear flourishes about which it is possible to stumble, crossing the street, and, having lifted one of them, to tell: Oh, again someone lost the love or Well, nakidat harm here, it is impossible to go quietly . Emotions are in us, and already we project them to the world.

What is emotion?

Emotion is an action or its result , but not some separate and independent essence. A problem for most of people - that they misinterpret this concept, being guided by object thinking, but not true understanding of and the world.

We come under influence of the western approach which for each situation assumes presence of the subject of the observer and object of supervision. From such point of view we put ourselves to the place of the observer, and emotion, of course, to the place of object. So we can separate with the feeling and study it.

Problem .

Only very often such self-treatment is wrapped in a reflection. In the course of studying of the chosen emotion it begins to change. At us the new emotions influencing the studying course suddenly begin to appear. From where they appear? From them it is necessary to abstract too? Why does that happen?

Because such approach does not work, that is why. It we will apply to studying first of all of physical bodies and real-life objects, but not reason and soul. If we can easily see the body and describe in detail (at least from the outside), thus separating itself from it: here I, and here my body - that with reason such focuses will not take place. We have nothing to present and describe, except certain " phantom;.

A and to schizophrenia nearby.

And so, emotions is not part of ours I which can be separated, taken in hand, to prepare and put under a microscope. It is rather a result of ours I to be exact, even process of its action and change. It is life. Experience. Action.

Understanding .

Love is an action. We cannot find or lose love, it is inseparable from us. We simply love, that`s all. It that " is absent; here I, and here love it that " is absent; the love left . Not the love left, and was terminated. We ceased to love each other. Ceased to develop.

Rage? No, it is not object rage it is process: we are angry. If to stop this process, to transfer thoughts to other subject, to sit down and have a rest - everything will pass.

Was gone inspiration? Nonsenses, inspiration are a result of some action. If we just sit and wait for inspiration - nothing will change. And here is how we will only begin to do something - it will appear at once. there is no

in pleasure life? So it is necessary to rejoice! And how I will rejoice if I have no pleasure? - many do not understand. Wrong question. Wonder better: how you will rejoice if you have it? If at you the thing under the name " lies on the shelf; pleasure - how you will enjoy life? The thing will do it for you.

By the way, the thinking is action too. Thought process in many respects is even more effective than physical impact on the outside world because it is not limited by any framework (except those which we put to ourselves). Therefore even if you sit, having stared in space, and you do nothing processes all the same go, and emotions - arise and change.

Certainly, it is necessary to control not all emotions but only those from them which lead to emergence of negative situations in ours or still someone`s life. Well what person will constrain in senses the love, pleasure, inspiration? These emotions are extremely effective, they give us force, and you should not control them. But you would agree that it is necessary to control aggression, fear, rage? Not to press them in itself, turning into complexes, and to dose, operate, turning everything into the same force?

Decision .

So how to control emotions? The first that it is necessary - to understand the mechanism of their emergence. The second - to adjust this mechanism so that it worked with the maximum return. We already read the first, and about the second we will talk in more detail.

Ranging and distribution .

The more the situations demanding experience the less share of experience in everyone them them. To distract from some situation pressing on you, dilute the life with ten others, the most different. Whether smother you put at work, the relations with the husband or a situation in the country - you can always practice yoga or help persons in need, teach astronomy or get the third higher education, cross stitch or write reviews of new movies.

Life is various, and very many things in it stand our attention. Perhaps, that situation which causes in you destructive feelings - not so most important in your life?

Concentration and concentration . you it is a lot of

U different affairs, each of which is in own way significant? You cannot finish any of them because you remember that there are also hundred others? Concentrate on one, not very well what, and let all your emotions are a source of forces and inspiration for its decision. Then concentrate on the following. Present to

that you wash the dishes: at first big pans, one for another, then plates, circles and, at last, tableware. When you come into kitchen and you see the mountain of ware - hands fall! And when you think not about grief of dirty ware and about 1 pan, 5 plates and 5 spoons somehow at once it becomes easier...

Switching and empathy . Everything is relative

. If someone irritates or angers you if business does not move from - for someone`s dullness - do not hurry to be angry and splash out the rage to the world. Penetrate into understanding of your opponent better and try to turn a situation from problem in useful, for both parties. From - for human obstinacies, dullness or thirst of a profit the most terrible wars were launched. And you, thank God, have no war, nobody died and nobody killed anybody - so what to be angry or long? While there is a choice, it is worth choosing the best. And a depression, disgust or rage - obviously not the best choice, isn`t it?

If your emotions are constructive, but are concentrated on trifles - switch attention to the situations not only which are of interest to you, but also having social and cultural value. Believe, the selfish pleasure from inaction - nothing in comparison with pleasure from business which brings benefit and joy and to other people is lazy to lie on a sofa, of course, very pleasantly, but.

So far and all. Article is small, but I hope, you found in it useful knowledge. If you want to understand more deeply the mechanisms operating emotions it is possible to recommend N. Bekhtereva and G. Rubenstein`s work, and also technology of meditation and K. Tokheya`s self-control.

Good luck! And let everything that occurs in your life, will be to you only on advantage.