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What fidelity is?

What associations at you arise when you hear the word fidelity ? Young happy couple? Couple of elderly people which went together through fire and water on the road of the long life? And maybe, it is hearts, candies, florets? Most likely, the mutual love, understanding, desire to give each other pleasure, tenderness and, as they say, simple human happiness are combined with concept of fidelity.

But, I think, nobody will begin to argue that a symbol of purity, tenderness and marital fidelity white birds - pigeons and swans are.

White pigeons, for example, were considered as favourite birds of the goddess of love of Venus. According to the legend if newlyweds in the wedding day let out pigeons from a cage, then they are waited by long and happy family life.

Usually pigeons create strong couples and live together all the life. Even if in one dovecot there live several species of pigeons, they do not mix up, and, choosing themselves couple, establish strong families and live together all life, looking after one after another, and even cares of posterity halve. But after death of one of spouses, pigeons, as a rule, do not fall into a sadness and longing, and bring to themselves the new partner and love him also sincerely and selflessly to the death.

White swans are a symbol of eternal love and devotion. It is considered that swans, as well as pigeons, form couples for the rest of life in spite of the fact that average life expectancy of a pigeon makes 20 years, and the swan can live also up to 100 years.

In the people even such concept as " appeared; swan fidelity about which many songs are put. The myth it or reality - was unknown for the time being, but the Australian ornithologists all - decided to conduct scientific researches, and convicted - swans of change to the partner. By results of the conducted researches, every sixth swan was noticed in an adultery. However It should be noted that scientists tracked so far only one of species of black swans therefore it is necessary to hope that white swans behave more decently .

Anyway essence swan fidelity consists not in it. The matter is that swans can be loyal to the partner after his death (unlike pigeons). Swans look after the patient or the wounded partner to the last, giving it all the love and tenderness, driving away possible danger and giving the last food. After death of the partner they are not beaten to pack of swans, do not depart to the warm countries, and and remain on the place of death of the beloved, being loyal to them.

And as for people Different stories meet. Of course, there are couples which live long and happily together many years, and do not even think of change. For someone fidelity - an empty phrase. Everyone solves how to it to arrive in this or that situation. And I think that you should not bring up a question of human fidelity. Anyway the main thing that the person made only those acts for which he should not regret subsequently. But not to change only not to change - it is all the same change, only to itself. The main thing is a love.

You love each other. Be honest with each other, then fidelity will be natural manifestation of feelings between two loving hearts.