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How to make money from air?

Something events of orange revolution in Kiev were accidentally remembered. Only not everything, and that moment when people began to sell empty jars with Open air of the Maidan . That the goods were bought, Ukrainians began to paint colourfully jars and that is paradoxical, goods went . It is a lot of tourists who visited Ukraine, bought such banks. They got these things as souvenirs, and here sellers earned on it money from nowhere though they is not present, - from air.

And there are cases when the person by means of the resourcefulness earned huge money and became known for the whole world.

For example, Alex Tyyu - I think, you heard about it. Once this guy invented the website for one million dollars. To become the millionaire it and did not think, not strongly trusted in the plans, and here wanted to buy new socks that day. It was necessary for it and to pay for study, but only the idea forced it to remove science for four months.

As for the website, I think, each of you knows what is pixels. If is not present, then I will report that it is small elementik of which there is an image on the screen. Alex created the website www. milliondollarhomepage. com on which main page there was a grid of 1000 on 1000 pixels = one million. What earnings consisted in, you ask? And it was that Alex suggested to post on the website advertizing banners (graphic references - a bus) payment for which happened thus: 1010 pixels were on sale for hundred dollars.

To advertize the website, Alex first of all suggested to place on the creation banners of friends, and then also advertized the resource through mass media. And here the avalanche of offers fell upon its website. It could not even present that it child will become such popular.

Long it was not necessary to wait. Practically in a year after creation Alex sold thousand pixel at auction for 38 thousand dollars, thereby having earned 1037100 dollars in total. Here to you and money from air.

But Alex is not going to stop, now he created the similar website, but only on 2 million pixels. Whether only it will be possible to earn thus repeatedly - nobody knows.

One more very amusing case of earning money occurred by means of a rabbit and, of course, the imagination. It is a pity that the author of idea remained an anonymous author, but nevertheless he earned the money.

Once in the Network there was a website on which it was written that a certain person in such - that rescued day a rabbit from under car wheels. The person of a rabbit Toby called. But not everything is so good. After that blackmail, the first in the history of the Internet, began. This person began to demand transfer of money to a certain number and if it is not made, then, alas, the savior promised to eat a rabbit. For bigger effect the enterprising person posted on the same website not only recipes of preparation of rabbit flesh, but also the photo of Toby sitting in a pan or in a frying pan.

The organizations of protection of animals were shocked and rage, but nothing remained to them how to transfer money. Here they, money from air.

At the end it would be desirable to tell a couple of words about the Internet - auctions. The huge number of people earns huge money for absolutely unnecessary things for them. For example, one person sold the ghost of the father for 65 thousand dollars. Who bought, ask? And the buyer quite famous - Golden Oriental carpet . Some persons managed even to sell the socks or candies which are spat out by celebrities. And someone and himself sold.

Therefore to make money from air - it is real. The main thing - the imagination and persistence. And from huge number of the people living on our planet at least one buyer and you will find. Think out, and make money from air.