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How quickly to prepare light and extraordinary meal for any table?

Before it roast - beef blood-stained, tryufla

I, luxury of young years,

of French cuisine the best color,

I of Strasbourg pie imperishable

Between live

I Limburger cheese pineapple gold.

A.S. Pushkin

Here the speech, however, will go not about elite tryuflyakh and about more available champignons...

You once again plan a feast in a big way? Or the couple of friends will come to drink all beer? You do not like to cook long, but you want to surprise guests with something own production? Then this simple recipe for you!

It will be necessary for you:

- 0,5 - 0,8 kg of champignons of the average size (15 pieces)

- 100 g of any firm

cheese - sour cream or

mayonnaise - garlic, onions

and... little free time.

We take champignons, carefully we wash, we tear off legs, and hats accurately by a teaspoon are cleaned so that there is no plate left and edges were not damaged. Legs and cores we postpone in separate capacity, everything is small cut, we fry 5 - 7 minutes on a frying pan with sunflower / olive oil and a small amount of onions, previously having salted.

After the stuffing cools down, are added to it small shabby cheese (it should not be too much, but it has to be felt!) and garlic (to taste). Everything mixes up.

And further the ready stuffing is displayed in hats, from above a hat it is closed a thin layer of sour cream or mayonnaise (besides to whom that it is more preferable; with sour cream it turns out more gently), it is possible to decorate with greens. Ready hats are put in an oven approximately for 20 minutes.

On a table the dish moves as in hot, and cold and can serve as fine addition as to a grandiose solemn table, and to a small beer party.

And here with the name for your masterpiece you can dream up! You remember, how in the remarkable domestic movie The Most charming and attractive Irina Muravyeva`s heroine brings for work the pie baked recently with words: And today I will treat you Maestro!! on what her colleague with astonishment notices: And my mother bakes same, but in the recipe it is called Tea !

Appetite pleasant to you!