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How to get the starting sum for business?

were necessary for my good acquaintance money for an investment in business (as part of authorized capital).

of 10 thousand rubles.

Was fine business - idea. There was a magnificent business - the plan. There were partners. There was a sales market. Necessary experts (the lawyer, the expert on the taxation, a web - the designer) - too were...

was not money for promotion - some 10 - ti thousands of rubles.

- You understand me correctly, - he told me once. - I entered the new sphere of life when to borrow - there is no wish essentially. Help me to find them: to earn, get some in a different way.

Ya knew that it has a work which monthly brings it the sum approximately equal to monthly expenses of his family (on transport, products, housing, some other wastes). The cash flow, thus, was equal to zero, and the organization of business would give to my friend the magnificent chance to descend with rat paths (about a rat race read in Robert Kiyosaki`s books).

Every other day at me the SCHEME of ACTIONS was ready:


People often acquire the habits (as a rule, harmful) demanding additional expenses. Refusing them, it is possible not only to improve the health, but also to save a lot of money. For example:

to Cease to smoke. The average smoker smokes a pack of cigarettes in day. If to take everything on an average (1 pack of cigarettes a day, 15 rubles for a pack), we will receive economy of 450 rubles a month.

to Cease to drink beer. Calculations are similar. On average it is possible to save about 420 rubles a month on beer.

Can be saved on transport. Having replaced a transport class (about business - a class, i.e. taxi or a share taxi, we change on the house-keeper - a class, i.e. the trolleybus - the tram - the bus, and even own legs), we on average will save (you will not believe!) not less than 700 rubles a month. And on foot it is useful to go in general!

These figures of a srednestatistichna. In life, believe, on unhealthy knickknacks and we spend a way of life much more!

Is natural, the list can be continued. Think, than.

2. Sale of things

of People unnecessary the successful person loves when something belongs to him. He just integrally cannot live in vacuum. As the Box from Gogol Dead souls or balzakovsky Gobsek, we often fall a victim of things, getting unnecessary, and even just harmful objects. One my acquaintance noticed an interesting detail, moving in seven last years to the ninth leased apartment: each time it transported more and more things. At first all property found room in two suitcases. Then moving was carried out by means of the passenger car, then - by means of cargo Gazelles . Last time the truck hardly coped for two times. Answer with

a question: Why to the person who has no apartment, the furniture, household appliances, clothes ton?

my recommendations in this section such:

Sell the TV. In the presence of the computer necessary for business (so, increases in a cash flow), the TV is simply not necessary. Moreover, the TV - the murderer of your time (and it - the only capital which is given to the person at the birth and which nobody can take away).

Make audit of audio - videotapes, a compact - disks with music and feature films. Understand while you in financial crisis, you just have to have no time for their listening and viewing. Leave music for rest (relaxation) or auto-training, leave audio - and video trainings of successful people: - sell all the rest (in the day off on a flea market, according to the newspaper or in a different way - as it will be more convenient to you).

I am a supporter of thought that the person is the sum of those books which he for the life read . At the same time I for that fiction, almanacs and encyclopedias disappeared from your shelves, having gone for example, to secondhand bookshop.

Look for antiques in your apartment. The first-ever TV, the manuscript of Hammurapi, an amphora with Ancient Greek wine, a tip of a spear of Alexander I, Mikhaylo Lomonosov`s wig, the Golden Fleece of Argonauts it can be anything. You will find even more antiquarian things at the grandmother in a closet. Carry everything in an antique shop and sell. Do not struggle with thought that it maybe to be useful to you.

Scrap metal. Perhaps, for production of the fine car or the boring machine for plant there is not enough metal from - for you. Hand over unnecessary pieces of iron from garage (it is possible to take pieces of iron from garage of the father, the neighbor, the brother and friends - they to you only thanks will tell!) . Who knows, maybe, there will be a lot of iron that you should not carry out ALL AFORESAID

Gold, ancient coins. They bring in you the income? Is not present? Then sell them! The gold gram in a midland of Russia costs 400 rubles now. About coins I will not speak... except the recommendation: they should be sold through the familiar numismatist. Only it will help you to avoid a scam and to cheap sell actually expensive thing.

3. If you do not want to sell a hump acquired it is possible To LEASE!

Here small list of best-selling things and approximate quotations:

Car: for average cars in a midland of Russia rent will make 3 - 4 thousand rubles a month, it is not less.

Personal computer. For example, my accountant very much loves to take work on the house and often complains that it has the computer of no house, as well as there is no money for its acquisition (and here could lease).

Disks with video movies, books. You do not want to sell the literature and a film library? Hand over them for rent. The sister of my friend, having established partnership with regional library, works thus: rents to library the books on condition that from each reader who took to read the book, it has 2 rubles. You think, the small sum? Three tens books which it carried in library bring in it the income to one thousand rubles a month.

you live in multiroom (I mean 2 rooms and more) to the apartment? Hand over one. It for a while - yet you will not gain the sum, necessary for business (investments). In a midland of Russia in the downtown such room stands to three - four thousand rubles a month (the truth, this rent sharply decreases during removal from the center, but anyway you will not lose).

4. Additional work. Having sold to

the TV and having refused beer, you save time - the main capital. Enclose it in additional work.

you the good programmer, an excellent web - the designer, the great artist, the creative author of articles? Become the freelancer (remote worker)! Find this opportunity in the Internet - the real well for those who really want to succeed. It is possible to earn the most different money. Well for example, 300 rubles for hour of work (the example, costs the animated banner so much for the website which the skilled graphic designer will make even less than for an hour).

you well write papers and term papers? Spend several evening hours for sticking-up of announcements near higher education institutions and stops of city transport which students use more often - and your phone will call round the clock with requirements of your (not free) help. Quotations on a midland of Russia: papers - 18 - 25 rub for the page or 250 - 400 rubles for work; course - 25 - 40 rubles for the page or 700 - 2000 rub for work. By the way, I do not advise to undertake diplomas and theses. These works demand bigger time, efforts and skills, and you do not want to finish the life behind this writing? Only gain the necessary sum!!!

Eventually, it is possible to undertake both the broom, and collecting bottles. Everything depends on your abilities and desire to find the required sum, to enclose it or to invest - and to come to new welfare.

My friend found necessary money in two months.

What prevents to make it to you?