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Whether it was necessary to sell Alaska?

are on March 30 exactly 140 years as the Russian diplomat baron Eduard Stekl, the envoy in the United States of America and the United States Secretary of State William Seward signed the contract on purchase by the United States from Rossiysko - the American company of the peninsula of Alaska for 7 million 200 thousand dollars (on 2 cents for an earth acre).

Both parties were glad. Russians to the fact that it was succeeded to sell the huge territory which hardly when hands would reach. Americans - to the fact that bought at a bargain what in the future promises the quite good income. The matter is that for half a year before, in October, 1866, in Novoarkhangelsk Yankees hammered the first cable column into the earth and found under it a gold ingot! But from the Russian authorities this information was, is naturally hidden.

From where in general this figure in 7 million 200 thousand dollars undertook? Originally the price was $7 million, and 200 thousand. right there after sale Eduard Stekl, as they say, " received on hands; for works just . Today it is called kickback . By the way, it was the only money which was received from the transaction by representatives of Russia even if in the person of one of the given.

7 million arose not incidentally. Several years prior to this event when over Alaska threat of capture from British hung during the Crimean war of 1853 - 56. And then Rossiysko - the American company insured the island for the sum of 7 million dollars. 10 years later figure decided not to correct!

About life on Alaska of Russians it is possible to write not one novel. But its essence will be following - the Russian governors of the island did not manage to dispose plainly of the fact that they had. Today it is possible to make such diagnosis - most often they lived in afternoon and were content with small. It was possible to develop a network of roads, biting into the peninsula on the South, but if the first governor of Alaska Shelikhov still sought to expand somehow the possession, then the second - Rams - was more anxious with receiving profit on sale of fur.

Who else remained in the history thanks to Alaska? Perhaps, the count Rezanov whose destiny excited our contemporaries only after statement fate - operas Juno and Avos and the merchant Pribylov who in a state of intoxication went off-course and opened the islands rich with fur animals and still bearing his name. And generally we remember Alaska according to stories and Jack London`s stories yes to the song which is sung by Nikolay Rastorguyev: Return - darling " backwards;.

Only quite recently it was called gray cardinal which pushed the emperor Alexander II to sale of Alaska. The stepbrother of the emperor grand duke Konstantin Nikolaevich was him. It whispered that if we do not sell Alaska to the USA, then Yankees will do everything possible to take away this territory gratuitously. And the grand duke gave Napoleon who sold in April, 1803 the French Louisiana to the United States for 15 million dollars as an example. But do not take advantage of the opportunity the Frenchman in time, still it is unknown, than business would end.

To be fair, it is necessary to notice that to keep Alaska and really it was difficult. The number of the Russian population on the peninsula was made by from 600 to 800 people during the different periods, and it was very difficult to drive fleet or troops here. Besides not all Russians were torn here also because local Indians more than once plaid pranks and once even reduced to ashes the capital of the Russian Alaska Novoarkhangelsk, having interrupted all his settlers.

But still newly made lieutenants have a special toast: Thanks to the emperor that sold Alaska, differently and there was necessary to serve! . The similar toast exists also at convicts who assume that the leader of all times and the people would not fail to adjust on Alaska of camps if to consider that the territory is much bigger here, than the territory of those states which hold the second and third place on the area, - Texas and California, combined.

The myth that nobody sold Alaska, and just rented - does not maintain any criticism. In the documents signed on March 30, 1867 there is no word about rent. It is rather a reason for political insinuations.

And, at last, about the most tragic page of history of Alaska. Many Russian people who made a basis of the settlement of Novoarkhangelsk first decided to remain on the place. Many married on Aleuts and Indians and did not want to go anywhere. But Yankees behaved so impudently that with Alaska began mass Russian outcome . New owners caused a stir also here. Originally they paid resettlement, but soon ceased to do it supposedly as you will reach Russia - your problems.

And all this epic with the fact that the English bark " came to the end; Orkney carrying 7 million dollars as a payment for Alaska, unexpectedly drowned in the Baltic Sea. The escaped sailors under tortures did not confess whether it was succeeded to rescue gold. Still it is rumored that Americans also did not think to load a filthy lucre aboard a bark, having retained it and having paid commission charges to all interested persons. Whether so it or not, we, most likely, do not learn any more. Gold - the most famous taciturn person in the world