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How 1 - go April to play acquaintances?

On the First of April, I will not tell what year, I sent to the friend of the SMS (certainly, from the stranger mobile) the following contents: Darling, I am pregnant! . The answer me to admit, surprised: And who it? . To me it did not become ridiculous

A one my acquaintance at work poured in the morning to the colleagues laxative in tea (coffee). It was ridiculous only to it In Russia the spring draft of youth on active duty begins on April 1

- it is ridiculous?

Do not feed some companions with bread, let`s somebody play. If draw witty - it, of course, is healthy. And if angry (for example, in boots of porridge to impose) - then enrages.

of Ways to play acquaintances a set, the main thing to know whom and as.


1. After the husband leaves for work, to send him the SMS (allegedly was mistaken number) such contents: Well where you? I was tired of waiting for you! Give quicker, and that mine from work will return soon. I already all am exhausted!

2. By means of a marker and the test for pregnancy. It is necessary to draw 2 (two) red stripes accurately.

What it is necessary to remember: not draw, and heart attack can happen.


1. To play at restaurant. When the girl leaves to powder a nose to pay off the waiter, and later to tell it that left all money at home and to suggest to escape from restaurant.

2. To present some dry cheap flower. The pause a look will follow And then from - for backs, hidden to offer a smart bouquet! It is the safest draw.

3. To present a bouquet and to tell that you do not love. And right there to kiss with words: Since April 1!

What it is necessary to remember: In the man we look for a strong shoulder, but not the clown.


1. To fill in a confetti umbrella from all punchers and to close it.

2. To put clock at work for the hour ahead, let thinks that was late (in time it was lost).

3. On the first of April to congratulate him with 8 - m of March, in writing, on delivery of the address in the leather folder.

4. All department to submit letters of resignation at own will.

5. Order the stripper for an hour and start to it in an office. Your person has to be honest (itself came).

6. In France this day all try to hang behind on clothes of paper small fishes. And you can attach to it on a back a sticker with the inscription And where the boss, did not see?

What it is necessary to remember: to Play the chief - dangerous business. It is all the same that to tease a dog - you do not know, will bite or not.


1. To print the order for dismissal of those subordinates who well do not expect it in any way. And to put on a table (on a foreground). Somebody will surely see also with horror will chatter away the rest.

2. To change the vacation schedule (all will have a rest only in winter time).

3. In the Windows settings to change purpose of buttons of a mouse (i.e. to make main button right).

4. To throw on a desktop of colleagues used for designated purpose to smear toilet paper, and the screen of the monitor with chocolate paste (well or any other, reminding excrements muck).


1. To connect by a rope opposite doors in a corridor. To knock in both! Who whom will draw.

2. To block a ladder a rope, to hang up the inscription There is repair work .

3. To tie a cracker to a handrail and the door handle of neighbors and to call a door. The result can be observed in a door peephole.

All others

1. To sew to a jacket of the girlfriend fur pieces (around armpits). It will be ridiculous when she raises hands.

2. To buy three liters of lemonade, to let out gas and to pour in a 3-liter jar, then to hand over in collection point for analyses of urine. When there, having stared, tell that too much - it is possible to drink superfluous. The effect is tremendous!

3. Faugh, shameless! Clasp a fly!

4. To call at night the girlfriend / friend and to tell by a metal voice: Exact time - three hours fifteen minutes .

5. To pull a transparent film on a toilet bowl.

What it is necessary to remember: the people who are hard transferring any, even pleasant surprises Are. They consider that draws, by the definition, do not happen harmless. Any draw - aspiration to prove that you are cleverer, more cunning, more cheerful etc., than someone. And the one who believed you - naive, undiscerning, trustful etc., that is, in all respects to you conceding. Be not surprised that people around take offense at draws. In them there is always a rage drop.