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How to update the feelings?

Let`s remember those signs of attention, lovely rituals and words which lovers of whom there is that big and pure feeling which over the years is not lost, does not disappear, and only gets stronger day by day caress each other. In the relations of the man and woman each trifle matters I think, it is worth trying to remember them again and to enter into life, each person in love has secrets of seduction. I offer you several ways to amaze the partner and to update your feelings. Every day - on one surprise. For example:

Monday: Who told that it is an unlucky day and not so romantic? Draw with lipstick on a mirror a red heart. Cut out several hearts from paper. Put a couple to the elect in slippers. Even if he was very tired at work, will surely notice and will smile. Still the couple can be attached to the refrigerator and to supply with a romantic note ( To beloved Pusik - the most tasty gusik). However, if you consider a heart as a symbol too banal, you can cut out from a napkin of an asterisk or a snowflake, for example.

Tuesday: Before days off still so far, just a nightmare and horror! But it is not an occasion yet that in the evening, having dressed dressing gowns to watch TV. Or rather, it can be made, but a bit later. And at first - a tea ceremony. For the lack of a kimono it is possible to put on the same dressing gowns. Scatter small pillows on a floor, put a tray, and on it a teapot and two drinking bowls or cups. Any sweets and other distracting factors. Only you, it, tea and ten candles burning around. Slowly you make drink, gradually you add to yourself and it, you enjoy taste, you discuss aftertaste notes, you admire as amber light plays tea in the light of a flame. After such ceremony you will feel had a rest and looked younger.

Wednesday: As common as dirt - the middle of week. It is a high time to show to darling that all your thoughts are concentrated only on his affairs. Buy a nice knickknack for his sister, mother or the grandmother. Darling, you said that your sister worries for examination in algebra. Let will take with itself this charm with a bear. It will bring good luck . If the sister passes examination, then for you there will be a reputation of the fairy godmother. If fails - well, you made everything that you could, trying to support her. The sincere gratitude of darling is guaranteed to you.

Thursday: Take pieces of chalk and write before an entrance on asphalt: Sashenka (Pashenka, Kolenk etc.) ! Come rather! I wait and love! . Nearby it is possible to add the sun, heart, a smile - generally, everything that want.

Friday: At last working week came to an end. Why to wait for days off? Let`s have a rest directly from now on. In the evening remarkably will be to get out where - nibud to walk. Before it put on a table of a candle, put linen napkins, place a light meal. Do not forget about a wine bottle. Having come back home, any vanity, washing, cleaning. Just you light candles and at once you sit down to a table. The holiday of life proceeds .

Saturday: By the Russian traditions all this day went to take a steam bath and popleskatsya. Prepare in the evening for darling a bathtub with foam and throw a salt bag for a relaxation there. He also is able to do it, but as it is pleasant when the loved one cares for you. And then offer it massage with oil of a lavender, coriander or mint. Spa - salon at home - it is so erotic.

Sunday: All affairs are redone. You already managed to meet friends, to descend in theater - and here, at last, you at home. It is a high time to start some verbal game with darling. Men by the nature are very hazardous. Therefore it is worth warning that the winner is expected by a superprize and to show to darling a bright brilliant package. It is possible to begin with game to the cities, to be thrown in the card little fool, to remember school times and to battle in sea battle or to master entertaining east game Guo . Whoever won against

- in the bright rustling wrapper it will get a superprize, your precious and only .

A week later you will experience such inflow of positive energy that you for certain want to continue this experiment and will add something special.