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Whether there is a limit to human opportunities in run?

Still in far - the remote past people considered that the person exhausted the opportunities in run, and now fight will be conducted only by cunning or reaction, but they were mistaken.

In 1900 - m to year, at the Olympic Games in Paris, Frantsis Dzharfis won a hundred-meter race with result 10. 8 seconds. It was just phenomenal. In many newspapers wrote about this result. The shouting headings flashed everywhere. Still nobody saw such speed - then it was sensation. Now you will surprise nobody with such result unless the seventeen-year-old boy.

In 36 years Jesse Owens surpassed Frantsis Dzharfis`s result on six 100-th, thereby having surprised the whole world. Eventually Jesse himself found to himself replacement: it was not less talented Karl Lewis. There was it at competition in Philadelphia where won against Carle long jumps, and as the fates decree medals were handed then by Jesse Owens who became the winner at the Berlin Olympic Games in six years before. You are a talented guy, - the legendary champion told the boy. - You will win against all children . So it also happened. In 1988 - m to year in Seoul Karl Lewis could repeat Owens`s record in the earned medals - it was four gold. It could also break a record on a hundred-meter race - 9. 92 which belonged Calvin Smith before. I will remind that after Owens the world record was updated 28 more times.

Seoul - 1988 - it were the Olympic Games which gave the soil for reflections and disproved opinions of many people.

The record at the most prestigious distance in track and field athletics was improved a lot more time - thanks to Maurice Green and Tim Montgomery, and in 2005 - m to year in Athens of Asaph Powell surpassed itself most - 9. 77 seconds. It is already 52 - e updating of world achievement. The new record which obeyed it, according to experts will remain on the place long time. But, as Powell declares, he is ready to beat him. After successful performance in Athens there were a lot more attempts to improve a record, but so far - it is vain. It was only succeeded to repeat.

We already live in 2007 - m to year, and meanwhile words of Assafy did not come true. Means, all - can be said that a limit where - that is? But whether forever this limit is already absolutely other question.

Looking at results since 1900 - go years to this day, it is possible to track that earlier the record could be broken also on half a second, now athletes fight for the 100-th. Therefore it is possible to claim that athletes practically reached a maximum of running opportunities.

Just the same situation and in female sprint. The sportswoman from Belarus Yulia Nesterenko showed that it is possible to run, and quickly. It proves its phenomenal performance at the Olympic Games in Athens where it ran all four runnings less than in 11 seconds, thereby having proved that the European athletes can act at this distance on an equal basis with black. What will be farther, it is only possible to assume.

Though, after this performance at the Olympic Games, it more could not run so quickly anywhere, and it guards.

Therefore, summing up the result, it would be desirable to notice that human opportunities all - have border, and sometime athletes will reach it.