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What for fruit such - passion fruit and what it is eaten with?

If you were tired of a lowering sky and slush under legs if you wait for spring, and it for some reason does not gather to us yet if you want though for a moment to visit tropical paradise, but you do not know how to make it - be not upset. Just eat passion fruit! This tropical fruit in a moment will lighten you mood, not for nothing it is considered the most tasty on the planet.

Where to take this a miracle? - you ask. In - the first, it is possible to go to Brazil. Exactly there passion fruit homeland. Brazil is not pleasant? Then you fly to Australia, South America or South Africa, now passion fruit is grown up also in these countries.

In - the second, you can independently grow up from seeds which are easy for finding in any " shop; Seeds . Only consider: names " Passion fruit; on a label you will not find. Look for Passionflower sweet granadilla or Passionflower edible . Seeds very well ascend, grow quickly, at good leaving receive a harvest for the second year.

But at first you will be glad in the fine flowers having a light aroma. Petals of flowers white and cream, and bases of stamens purple or blue. Passion fruit represents a liana which clings short moustaches to a support. You can show the imagination and give to a plant any form. So in your apartment the piece of tropics will appear.

And, in - the third, the fastest and easy way to get this exotic fruit - to buy in a supermarket. When you buy passion fruit, choose large heavy fruits with darkly - a violet peel. Be not frightened if suddenly you see fruits korichnevato - lilac, yellow or red. Color depends on a grade and on the place of growth. And still, take wrinkled - it is a ripeness sign. Ripe fruit can be stored in the refrigerator till 5 days.

Houses just cut fruit in half and get sunflower seeds (they are edible, but you should not be fond of them: many seeds cause drowsiness) and, more accurately! delightful pulp and juice. The pulp can be eaten just like that, and it is possible to add to cream for cake, to mousses, sauces and fruit salads. Very tasty - passion fruit with ice cream. This combination is very popular in Germany.

Generally, passion fruit is grown up for the sake of juice which for aroma is added to other fruit juice. So if you did not find fruit, on sale still there is a juice, nectar and syrup. Taste muesli with syrup!

By the way, juice of passion fruit works soothingly and improves a dream. And still juice improves elasticity and a tone of skin. Therefore it is applied in cosmetics. But it already another story altogether. For now eat on health passion fruits (one more name of passion fruit) also enjoy its delightful taste and aroma!