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Person Mozhet ALL?

Person Mozhet ALL?

my opinion: Yes, the person can do EVERYTHING .

I hold this opinion, the fact or the statement in the life - call as you want, but unless you do not agree that if something it is strong - strongly to want, then will surely turn out and will come true

We know many examples when the person survives in hopeless, at first sight, situations; as the person beats inconceivable records; how the person just changes the life, the principles and ideals, the habits and even the course of life

We about it simply think that it is special persons, which or geniuses, or, to put it mildly, other-wordly, mad, with violations etc. of

But whether it seems to you that it is just self-deception? We inspire in ourselves certain thoughts and the principles from which then seldom we recede.

And it is possible to arrive differently - to consider why all - so large number of people is beaten worldwide by records, and you are not; why someone changes the life to the best in the shortest possible time; why someone can elementary stretch out (but it, he agrees, it is possible to lower, because here already other question - health and physical features).

There is a fine expression, it very much imposes me - the Thought is material.

Sounds somewhat oddly at first sight, but if to look narrowly and understand an essence of this statement, then it is possible and sense to take... whether

happened at you that having thought of something, you meet it. Well, for example: Something long ago he did not call me and here those on - a call, a desired voice, surprise. Or here an example which happened to me today. I go to work and I think, something does not call me Nadezhda Vasilyevna on the account of rehearsals on English. Later couple of seconds on mobile to me it is ringing. Yes, it was Nadezhda Vasilyevna.

Probably everyone had similar situations. Did not think why? And the reason here in what

In this my example not my thought affected a call, and N. V. thought of me She thought that it is necessary to call Nikita and

But it, you can think, it is a little not on a subject of our conversation though here, you see, it is so interesting - something like transfer of thought at distance or as it is called still - the Sixth Sense. Perhaps, it also really is. And according to my assumption is in a brain and the exchange of thought occurs by means of unknown of waves hitherto Therefore only one thought can help you with achievement of the objectives and heights.

To prove to yourself that you can all in this life, it is optional to go to Tibet and to climb up Everest, it is optional to dive under water and to hold the breath in ice water for the maximum period of time or to display needles on a floor and to lay down on them. No.

U you the life purpose is? More or less certain. Conceive to yourself it pretend to be in reality. Its embodiment will also prove that you in life can all. Because your thought for you is EVERYTHING, isn`t it?

And the main thing - OPTIMISM is the main component of achievement of success. But about it in my following article. Prove first of all to Sebha that you CAN do EVERYTHING!