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Whether the soil is necessary to a plant?

In our consciousness the thought accurately took roots that for growth of plants the soil is necessary. Everything is logical. Widely branched roots exhaust nutrients from the earth.

What is the good soil? Roughly speaking, it is mix of the crushed minerals and the semi-decayed organic substances impregnated with water solutions of nutrients and air.

Crushed or, speaking on scientific, disperse minerals are a sand, clay, small stones. They, certainly, are necessary to a plant, it holds them.

Organic chemistry is necessary because at its decomposition nutrients are emitted. From - for the fact that in the good soil there is a lot of organic chemistry in it any bugs - worms and various microfauna, most often, harmful are got.

Besides, both organic chemistry, and clay are necessary to hold in itself water and to fasten among themselves grains of sand. Otherwise water will filter through sand and plants will die.

And sand will carry away wind where - nibud.

But whether all components of the soil are obligatory for normal existence of plants? At all not. First of all, it is possible to do without organic chemistry. And to enter nutrients into the soil in the form of fertilizers.

Quite so grow up plants, using a hydroponics. What is a hydroponics? It when plants are fixed on coarse-grained mineral filling. And any organic chemistry! From below roots of plants are irrigated by solution of nutrients.

in principle, is not necessary to plants also mineral filling. Floating water plants, for example, a duckweed do without it. And in the conditions of hydroponic farms of a plant fix on a grid. Roots freely hang down down.

However if just to ship plant roots in nutritious solution, they will decay. They lack oxygen. It is necessary or to give constantly to solution air, or to do without immersion of roots in solution at all. How to make it? Yes it is simple to spray roots of plants a suspension of nutritious solution from time to time. This way is called aeroponiky (from the Greek aer - air and ponos - work).

Rather new and in something the unusual way of cultivation of plants proved from the best party at once. It turned out that when using aeroponik for some plants the harvest many times exceeds a harvest in the usual greenhouse. And, the plant gains weight much quicker. And the consumption of water is significantly less. NASA considers that this method is very perspective for use at future space stations.

You ask and why all this is necessary to us? We are residents, but not agricultural workers? And we will hardly manage to live at space stations. And on a window sill or a balcony the aeroponny farm cannot be arranged.

In that is continually that already is possible! The Aeroponny microfarm for this purpose is also intended.

Here short description of one of them. The microfarm consists of three independent sections, in everyone it is possible to grow up the species of plants according to the individual program. If you want - flowers, then you want - vegetables. And all - directly on a balcony.

Sprays according to the set program spray solution of nutrients on the hanging roots of plants. Electronics operates everything. Simplicity of management bribes. The child also can cope with a farm. The main thing that in the house the electricity was not disconnected.

But likely, you will think, this entertainment is fabulously expensive. By no means. All pleasure - is not more expensive than the mobile phone. Where to buy it? Who looks for - finds.