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Whether your children are familiar with a pornography?

Idea of writing of this material the little seven-year-old boy rather prompted me his phone. You at once thought from where to the first grader to find such things, but I would like to tell how everything happened, and after already to pass to problem solutions.

I go down somehow to our Minsk subway. Rush hour. People on a platform accumulated countless multitudes. There comes the train. I come, I become near a hand-rail, and before me the boy of years of seven squeezes, it is no more. In hands at it the mobile phone. I look at the display, and there erotic fool - game is such. Many would tell me that I thought up all this, but to write such material without proofs it would not be pertinent. The benefit in a bag I had a camera. Which - as izvertevshis, I could get it and from - for backs, without flash to photograph phone.

Therefore with full confidence in a voice I say that our children who just left walls of kindergarten and passed into school, already in open play a porn - games, watch erotic commercials and pictures.

And all why? It would be desirable and to speak with full confidence here, but I can only assume.

The first, - when the parent, buying by the offspring the mobile phone, is guided first of all not by that he called and that the child could play, listen on it to music and watch videos. The exception is made by only those families, chyoy the budget does not allow to threaten above the budgetary phone though already and such phones are supplied with infrared port and Internet connection. And it is quite enough that the child could download to himself from there or the companion has pornographic games or pictures.

The second, in my opinion, is an influence of advertizing. In various print media there are a lot of advertisements where the owner of the mobile phone is offered to download for some sum from the Internet this or that picture, or perhaps and a roller.

The third, and in my opinion the most terrible, is transfer of pornographic pictures or rollers through infrared ports and Bluetooth. As I already spoke, now practically all phones are supplied with these functions, even the budgetary brands. I think, you had a question at once from whom it could throw to itself(himself) a pornography? The answer arises. Now children are so computerized and to anybody is not surprising when we see first graders on the street with laptops or fancy phones. But how erotic rollers and pictures get to mobile phones of children? Seniors are the chief supplier of such content. Now at school it is rather simple to ask phone for a couple of minutes to transmit this or that pornographic program or a roller through a wireless communication.

The Internet is the one more place from where the child by means of a cable can throw to himself on obscene phone content.

You see, to access there are no barriers. And from where to them to undertake? The pornography is a business which annually brings huge money, and nothing remains to software developers how to advance on the market the production in any way.

Summing up the result, it would be desirable to tell parents that they watched mobile phones of their children. And if it not especially turns out, then in each device there is the system of flexible settings. Try to adjust phone - can do it and will be one of exits. But even settings cannot protect the child from the pornographic websites, here the mobile companies need to enter fight, and it is their business. They receive money, for what people are online. Therefore to change they will hardly want to be changed something.

I think, it is necessary to fight against it? How you consider?