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What languages are spoken by men and women?

Here as in the movie Love - " Carrots; to exchange a body with the half Ridiculously? Or it is terrible? What it - to feel in a body of the person of an opposite sex, to think and work as it? We do not think of it. Can therefore we do not understand each other, even when we pronounce the SAME words on it (would seem) the SAME LANGUAGE. For a misunderstanding problem between the man and the woman

there are explanations: their experience throughout long centuries was considerably differentiated, and these distinctions, having taken roots, continue to be reproduced in the course of socialization. It turns out, behind the same words which we pronounce, there are not absolutely identical units of consciousness (concepts).

I hope, these examples will show: if it seems to you that your half absolutely does not understand you, you do not hurry to draw conclusions. It only difficulties of the translation from language of other floor.


IT : All the time, while I was a senior pupil, I was awfully small in that area * (the breast means)

the woman Should say a strong mot, and on it the hail of if not remarks, then disapproving looks is right there showered. Of course, the woman as mother who is bringing up the younger generation has to set only a positive example.

IT : Damned Asher or Just sing the song, oh, damn!!

Men quite often use an offensive language and do not care for what impression they at the same time make. An offensive language - forbidden lexicon. If you use it, you break a taboo. An opportunity to neglect public norms - the right strong!


IT : I Hope, I helped, dear or I like vseey people here. You such good .

You were bothered its baby talk? But the woman is usually positively ready in relation to the interlocutor. Especially, if it is close or nice to it the person.

IT : These are your words, the brother. Its crying (crying, a hnykanye or a cry) always in the center of my attention or Or it is given you, or is not present. Such feeling that to you it is simply not given. I am able to do it .

At men the attitude towards the interlocutor is the relation of rivalry, but not association. Here it is important to look more liberated, easier, than the interlocutor. Sloppy sentimentality is not observed.


IT : a year ago I took a dog a gold retriever from a full family tree. devilishly remarkable houses repair when we took it, thank God she lived at us 10 months, and we decided to take a puppy a gold retriever too he was just a devil because only you will look away on a minute, it already does where - nibud I tin .

Yes, not to surpass the woman here. But when you are irritated by her confused explanations, understand - it is features of the female speech. It needs time to collect the thoughts!

IT : Men love the clearness and sequence in a statement. Frequent pauses testify to indecision what the man cannot allow in any way. Therefore when the story of your darling is similar to the official report of the soldier, do not seek to accuse him of dryness and automatism.


IT : They are SUCH darlings or Not, I am NENAVIZHUOPERATSII or I love Nicole. I LOVE IT .

Yes, we be touched more, than men. We are ready to pay the attention almost to any subject (from flower petals to children`s shoes). All because we are overflowed by emotions. And we are not afraid to show them how some!

IT : It also is those some who prefer to keep silent significantly instead of manifestation of rough emotions or to smile, grin slightly And still, from them you will infrequently hear frequent exclamations (Wow! About!!!, etc.) lovely nicknames (umenshitelno - caressing, type a dzhipchik, a spoon, a floret) and too enthusiastic responses (our charming girl, my pretty a buldozhka). You do not hurry to call men by crackers. So they speak.


IT : It seems, it irritates or Please, do not argue because you will be wrong .

I remember, Mel Gibson`s hero in the movie What is wanted by women could not understand in any way that it is necessary for women. Probably, and you now so think, helplessly making a helpless gesture on absolutely it (would seem) self-contradictory statements of your beloved. Only do not hurry to tear off it! Speech of women not such sure, how speech of men. But the woman perfectly understands what she wants actually.

IT : In this respect there are many opinions but I will state the or That is why I insistently would recommend to acquire this book .

The man seeks to dominate in conversation. Therefore it is always confident that his words are indisputable truth. It irritates? Try to look at it on the other hand? Why not to relax and to allow the man most to make the decision, time he is sure what everything knows better?

Whatever language you spoke, the consent can be reached. And, undoubtedly, it is necessary. Just you remember that behind words of your loved one there are always some emotions and feelings. Try to understand them, and then in your relations there will come harmony.