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How to help lead to legs?

What to do if legs by the evening as if stick in the bog, and callosities turn into the heated nails? They should be helped. How? It is quite simple. Only for some reason very many women, it is probable owing to early age, do not listen to a reason voice, and to please false to beauty diligently spoil with what they were generously presented by the nature.

First of all, it is necessary to choose correctly footwear upon purchase it in shop. The footwear should not be neither close, nor too free. Has to be convenient. But often I notice how young girls hardly squeeze a leg in shoes one size smaller, than it is necessary to them that a leg looked smaller . And the leg, on the contrary, sticks out from a shoe as an alien body. Both shoes and a leg at the same time are godlessly deformed, and look ugly.

It is not much better if shoes freely dangle on a leg. The leg in them slips and quickly gets tired, shoes often fly from a leg, as at the Cinderella. Here it is only not enough princes on the earth.

It is better to buy shoes in the second half of day. Then the leg becomes slightly more.

should give to Legs rest. Came to work - change the shoes, Put on more convenient footwear. Not necessarily it have to be house-shoes, it is possible to put on leather shoes more simply, on a low heel. The rubber footwear is not suitable for long carrying at all. The leg has to breathe.

By the way, about height of heels. There is no woman whom they would not decorate. But if to wear ornament constantly, it will lose meaning of ornament, will become everyday. High heels not for a constant socks. The high heel displaces the center of gravity of the person, there is additional load of a spine, can appear back pain and feet.

Do not think by youth of years what for the sake of beauty can and be suffered - long wearing shoes on a high heel by young women can lead to pathological childbirth and dislocations of coxofemoral joints at newborns.

How to help tired legs? In the evening, having come home, make it pleasant - ship them in warm water. At least a foot, at least for half an hour. Water will wash away fatigue.

That on the horny places of a foot (natoptysha) there were no cracks, grease a foot, especially heels, with nutritious cream. If cracks already appeared, make especially for them a fifteen-minute tray of the water acidified by vinegar, having taken a tablespoon of vinegar on 1 liter of water and, besides, grease with cream.

If cracks big, deep, hurt and prevent to go, be engaged in them in details. Make a compress for the night, having made calendula flowers (one tablespoon of a calendula on a glass of boiled water). For a softening of coarsened skin the compress from polished green apple or green tomato helps.

And what to do with callosities? Yes, in principle, the same, as from natoptysha - for a start to soften them in a warm tray. Then recommend to grease them with mix of equal parts of castor oil and glycerin.

It is possible to put mix of the pounded green onions to strongly started callosities or Zubkov of garlic with nutryany fat. It is necessary to delete the softened callosities carefully, pumice or a special grater. Do not cut off them at all, it is very easy to be wounded.

Sometimes in a joint of a thumb or a heel there is sharp pain caused by adjournment of salts. The sore joint can be deformed, spoiling a leg, and on a heel the so-called spur can grow.

I do not know that is told about it by doctors, I did not hear intelligible councils, maybe, not addressed those doctors. But I and my friends with whom I shared a secret were very much helped by simple procedure - I greased several days a sore point with the concentrated iodine tincture. Helped considerably.