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What bad is in egoism?

show Historical development how the immediate environment of the person within centuries extended: from a family - to the tribe, from the tribe - to the people, and today, thanks to the developed systems of communication, such as Internet, all mankind turned in “ big village “. However spatial extension of contacts was not followed by high-quality interaction, an inclusiveness of the person in the environment, on the contrary, the person became more and more independent and separated of Wednesday in which existed.

Growth of isolation led to numerous contradictions between the person and the world surrounding it. Local crises were compensated by technical development which, shading contradictions, led to their deepening and further isolation of the person of rather surrounding. As a rule, the standards accepted in society do not give the chance to be beyond such development. It leads to strengthening of crisis in relationship of people in a family, in society, between the people.

As a result, now we find ourselves interdependent in global system, in lack of an opportunity to further isolation from society - on the one hand and inability to mutual integration - with another.

Generally, high-quality transition to new system of interaction is possible in two ways:

1. When contradictions for the benefit of the parties reach critical level, there is either a high-quality transition, or disintegration of system.

2. When the parties purposefully seek to reach high-quality changes.

In the second case high-quality changes are reached much quicker and more without serious consequences. Processes accelerate due to identification of the elements of system interfering transition to the following state. At the same time the old state is still viable, can provide process “ soft “ transition and possibility of the conscious choice.

However it is necessary for viability of the second way that the parties were able to endow part personal in favor of the general. What can involve refusal of the personal benefits with?

It is possible to give several answers to this question. In - the first, the understanding of correctness and need of such way can rouse to unpleasant, in general, process of change of priorities. In - the second that more impresses, endowing party in such situation becomes the initiator, the leader and, by and large, the creator of the new, more advanced state, promoting manifestation of positive sides of complete system.

Thus, we come up with idea of altruistic interaction. It is impossible to tell that this subject has prevalence in modern society. Though in words we since the childhood are brought up that the altruistic behavior - it is good, but in practice our identity and aspiration to own wellbeing eclipse the moral installations existing in society. You should not be ashamed of it because it is our nature, but we need to see that such state of affairs sputtered out and it has to be changed.

The old Chinese proverb says: “If you do not change the direction, then will finish the way there where you go now“. In relation to modern mankind and to where it moves, it would mean accident.

Change of personal priorities with egoistical to altruistic would lead society to mutual integration, mankind - to existence in uniform system. Only thus perhaps further development of humanity. Only such development will lower the crisis situation existing for today in the world. It is difficult to estimate the opening prospects - possibilities of mankind as uniform system, no borders have.

The choice for us, and let it will be correct!