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How to choose the mobile phone?

New technologies promptly win the world, all recently mobile phone was luxury, now it became so available that many people do not represent life without phone.

On what it is necessary to pay attention upon purchase of the mobile phone to

the Brand

it is Always necessary to be guided by the leading producers of electronics, namely

of Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG. As a rule, quality of their production is at very high level, but the risk of a fake is very high therefore pay attention to the country of the producer!

of Forms - a factor

of the Monoblock

Simple forms - the factor, meets in all price categories, provides the highest reliability of your phone of t. to in it there are no moving details.

of the Folding bed

Also quite popular design, for some reason to its thicket choose women. As well as follows from the name, consists of two parts connected peculiar loop . Reliability of it of forms - a factor is lower, than at a monoblock, constant load of hinges when opening and closing affects.

of the Slider in general reminds

a monoblock, two-piece with a possibility of shift of one part concerning another. Reliability is approximately same, as well as at a folding bed.

of Free design

you probably saw in advertizing phones with a possibility of turn of one part concerning another or the   forms bent to a disgrace; - they are also representatives of this class. Here everything depends on the imagination of engineers


Modern mobile became so close to the computer that functionality it has almost no borders.

First of all we will pay attention to a stuffing phone.

the Operating system on the basis of of Java technologies received the greatest popularity among producers of mobile phones, it is caused by the fact that it possesses the highest speed and rather big functionality, ability to integrate new components.

But times change also to replace Java to phones the new class Smartphone comes . by

behind it the near future of phones if you want to keep up to date choose this look. Full similarity to an operating system of the computer, a possibility of use of the same programs, as on big brother .

A good choice to you upon purchase of the mobile phone!