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How to look after eyebrows?

Which of women with arrival of spring does not examine himself in a mirror even more carefully? Novelty, freshness, brightness of paints in the street is reflected in some strange way also in our mood. If in the winter even more often it there was a wish to be wrapped up in something big, fluffy and warm, then now we and think of various experiments with the appearance, clothes, image etc. Meanwhile, it is difficult to imagine the beautiful woman without eyebrows and eyelashes. Well-groomed eyebrows of the correct form give special expressiveness to eyes and define a look.

Buying various cosmetics for the person, a body, hands, nails, legs (cream, tonic, a mask, a srub etc.) for some reason we forget about eyebrows. And appeal of a woman`s face in many respects depends on a form and color of eyebrows. Well well-groomed eyebrows give to the face expressiveness, do it even more beautifully. As well as any part of our body, eyebrow also need regular leaving. In the evening, along with clarification of the person, it is necessary to clear eyebrows as in a day on them settles a large number of particles of dust.

Each of us at least once in life fell a victim of fashion. Earlier the vast majority of women dreamed to become kipenny blonde. Poor hair became colourless, became yellow color, spoiled and perished under the pressure of a gidroperit It is much possible to tell about primitive to a hairdressing, so-called chemistry . With some frequency the fashion on an eyebrow has an effect too: their form changes from dark dense to pulled out in a thread, from straight lines - to abruptly curved If, lovely ladies, you always want to be attractive, well-groomed, beautiful, then you should not follow fashion trends blindly. Remember that eyebrows have to look naturally. The form and width of eyebrows need to be selected to a face type, strictly individually.

The following eyebrows are suitable for various shapes of a face:

1. Small eyes can be increased if accurately to add eyebrows, and also to increase distance between them, having pulled out hairs from a nose. If eyes are close put, then the distance between eyebrows has to be more.

2. You want to look younger? Then try to increase distance between eyebrows, without reducing their width, and from temples make a graceful bend.

3. The oblong face will be suited direct, remote from a nose bridge, an eyebrow.

4. The triangular face suits the eyebrows raised up and rounded off. And here direct eyebrows are not absolutely the fact that it is necessary for you.

5. For an oval face the most suitable option - the arc-shaped eyebrows.

6. The long, highly raised eyebrows are recommended to a square face though the arc-shaped are allowed and slightly.

7. If you have a round face, then eyebrows have to be raised up, and on the end a little rounded off.

Simple truth:

1. That eyebrows were beautiful, it is important to define their beginning and the end correctly.

2. The eyebrow has to begin directly over an internal corner of an eye.

3. The hairs on a nose bridge going beyond this line are removed.

4. For definition of the end of an eyebrow it is necessary to take a pencil, to put it from a nose wing to an external corner of an eye. The end of an eyebrow - in a pencil point of intersection with an eyebrow. The highest point of an eyebrow has to be on the line going from the center of an upper lip through a pupil to an eyebrow.

5. At care of eyebrows and eyelashes it is recommended to use a small brush for eyelashes. It will be useful if you moisten it in castor or olive oil.

6. It is possible to change a shape of eyebrows quickly and easily by means of tweezers and a pencil. Here only before starting this process, be convinced that chose the necessary form.

7. Before an exit from the house it is not recommended to pull out eyebrows since reddening is possible. It is better to do it before going to bed.

How it is correct to do an epilation?

1. At first wash up hands with soap.

2. Wipe with alcohol or lotion tweezers.

3. Apply cream on skin.

4. Slightly pull fingers skin in eyebrows. Cheeks of tweezers take a hair at the root. Holding tweezers at an acute angle to a skin surface, fast breakthrough pull out a hair in the direction of its growth.

5. At first remove several hairs on one eyebrow, and then on another. Check symmetry.

6. Continue further. The eyebrow has to be narrowed by the external end.

7. After depilation wipe skin with alcohol and apply lotion or cream.

8. Do not forget to process tweezers.

Everything is simple and easy. But without these small cunnings any beautiful and well-groomed face will not be up to the end harmonious. Do not forget about the brows, lovely ladies! Be happy, self-assured and attractive!