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How to become healthy, harmonous and happy?

Each girl who ever kept to a diet, knows how it is difficult not to break and not to eat something sweet, and after the termination of a diet not to gather in double volume all that with such work lost. Whether it is possible to call such state - healthy and happy? Of course, no. I mean a diet as a way of weight loss. Initially diet is the healthy, balanced food , but not an exception of a diet something.

American psychologist to Elza Birkenshou, author of the book Present yourself harmonous! writes that a problem not in fatty cages, and in the head. Our subconsciousness which continually leads us into temptation is guilty of everything - to snatch on sweet or harmful fast food. Therefore, to become healthy, harmonous and happy everyone can, without any restrictions and violence over herself. There is a huge number of literature on this subject, and all because health, both physical, and moral, - the most important that the person has. It is important to listen to himself and if does not arrange an internal voice - to improve itself and the thoughts.

Any frustration! needs to think positively, despite everything. Remember when you snatch on food? It is correct when you are suppressed when overcome negative emotions. And your task in this situation - to learn to change the settings in subconsciousness on positive, pacifying and weakening.

One of exercises - focus with a mirror . You heard about this exercise and more than once! The counter is that internal I does not distinguish the truth from lie, but fixes any data if they are regular and arrive in enough. In the morning and consider yourself in a mirror in the evening: face and body. At the same time represent that every day you are more and more beautiful and more slender, and say: I love myself . If you fall in love with yourself, then and people around will fall in love with you. It is the known fact. If you positively think about yourself - beautiful, then will be happy. Surely.

One more exercise. Paste in the most favourite places in the apartment of a note - stickers with positive statements about yourself , for example, such as: I am worthy that I was loved . Write them every day, how many it is possible to tell good about you, and old tear off, re-reading, remember written. It is postponed in your subconsciousness too. Important: do not think only of that, to grow thin as if.

To come into contact with internal I and to force it to work in the right direction to health and happiness it is necessary. Often we since the childhood know - do not eat up soup - you will not go for a walk or the good fellow, ate soup - receive a cake! Now - that we understand that a cake after soup... somehow incorrectly and soup... Though it, of course, disputable. We, namely, our subconsciousness got used to this scheme and consequently, its (scheme) needs to be changed. And the relaxation will help with it.

Exercise for relaxation . Daily within 10 - 20 minutes turn on the calming music. Having settled more conveniently, relax hands and all muscles, close eyes, breathe deeply. At an exhalation completely relax and try not to think of anything. Imagine a moving sphere which slides more and more slowly. Step by step relax muscles of all body. Having achieved a full relaxation, present yourself rocking on waves. Having swum up to the coast, you go bare feet into tender warm sand. On the beach you see yourself, such what always dreamed to be. Slowly slip in this delightful body, move, feel what it beautiful and plastic. To leave this state, slightly move and open eyes.

If you test addiction to sweet, then instead of waves add to the relaxation a piece something sweet. For example, instead of idea of swing on waves take this piece which is in advance prepared and place between teeth, and hold fingers a nose. You will be surprised, but taste will seem to you unpleasant.

If you carry out these exercises daily, you will not want to overeat, your easy, air image will be recorded in subconsciousness, and you will not want to spoil yourself - ideal!

It is sometimes difficult to get rid of a negative. But how to overcome it? When you are angry, leave a condition of happiness and harmony. Also you swallow offense together with excess calories! Therefore very much it is important - to learn to forgive, release the offense. Can be taken, for example, the photo of the person who offended you or angered and to tell: I excuse you and I forgive . Repeat this procedure, and even the hopeless case will be released. And in your soul there will be no rage left and offense.

But to be always in good mood, to feel happy - it is necessary to move. But what to do if there is not enough time for gyms and pools? There are several exercises which will not take a lot of time, and are easily replaced with similar. Jump barefoot through a jump rope, increasing quantity of jumps. Strain stomach muscles within a minute, pull in it and represent that you try to reach a navel a backbone. Exercise with a towel which can be carried out after a bathtub. It improves a bearing. Put a towel behind on a neck and undertake its ends. Very much pull it forward, and itself cave in back, resisting a towel.

You want to be healthy, harmonous and happy? Be it! Just give yourself - darling a little time, love yourself, listen to yourself and strive for the dream. And everything will turn out! Surely.