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How to cease to be jealous?

Jealousy are a fear to lose. And now ask yourself why you are afraid to lose he (she)? The answer is obvious - or you doubt his (her) feelings to you, or are not sure of yourself, of the appeal, sexuality etc. Here also begin with the solution of these questions.

Trust, without checking!

the Jealousy is an uncertainty in itself and the partner. Learn to trust it, trust - one of the main components of the great word - love.

How many said to us that we it is the best of all - we do not trust because we do not trust ourselves. Even if everything will be actually remarkable, each of us by all means will find a way to make the life miserable of itself and to darling. It is intolerable. Also it is unknown as long it will have enough forces it to suffer. Every day to prove that you are not a camel - tiresomely and humiliating. And still: the fear destroys everything. The fear to lose creates the real loss in our life sooner or later. What we are afraid of, we attract. And all in our hands. Now we know what consequences can be. Whether it is an occasion to kill in themselves jealousy? Do not give it any chances, stop all thoughts of it, switch to something positive - and you win.

More confidence

We are jealous when we feel in ourselves uncertainty, and in others we see rivals. Find the reason of uncertainty in yourself and eliminate it. Though, quite often, and it is not required. If the person with you, whether this confirmation of your exclusiveness in his eyes. Therefore also the jealousy - is senseless.

Fall in love with yourself. Respect yourself. Believe that you it is not worse than those of whom you are jealous. You - are exclusive, and it will be difficult to find to you worthy replacement. Understand

that are jealous only weak! You are beautiful, clever, you it is the best of all! And if he exchanges you for someone... it will show that it is not worthy you!

Without the property right

the Jealousy is the defect which is characterized by authoritativeness it is necessary to get rid of it. The property right is pertinent in the market relations. The love and the power - are incompatible. Love

really! Without egoism, without desire to own. Just you love the person very much, respect his and his freedom.

Make life simpler!

to Love itself is the most important! The love has to give pleasure, but not constant torments, it seems: who it? with whom you were? whose is number? . What for? In life there are enough other problems. check

on " Less often; to pockets live by the principle you know less - quieter you sleep . Occupy with

yourself, develop that less silly thoughts climbed in the head. Be jealous, be not jealous - not to change a situation to these, and here the nervous breakdown can occur.

And whether there was an occasion?

remarkable lines Are:

- The grandmother, why to me it is so painful? I am jealous literally of each pronounced word, of each female name. When it does not lift a tube, I right there represent that it with another. When he tells about some woman, I begin to think at once: whether was ? I am jealous to former, of friends, of work...

- Vnuchenka, jealousy is a deceptive feeling. You are not jealous, you are afraid to lose. But you be not afraid, a vnuchenka, it is senseless. Because if there is no reason for jealousy - that to be jealous silly and when already is - that late...