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How to make happy the final, marrying the widower with 7 children?

Think, our many readers watched or saw the movie (or the musical - to a lump as was lucky!) which is called Music Sounds . But, probably, not all know that exactly 20 years as died a prototype " are executed on March 28, 2007; the singing nurse - Maria von Trapp (in girlhood Kucera). And her gallant captain - Georg von Trapp calmed down even earlier forever - exactly 60 years ago. You, for certain, will smile, having learned, as they got married 80 years ago. There is such anniversary arithmetics.

The love story of these two different by origin and to life experience of people is worthy that knew about it even those who never saw this Hollywood fairy tale nominated on 10 Oscars and, eventually, the figurines which received exactly a half of this number. But Americans remained are faithful to themselves - they forgot to invite Maria von Trapp to a premiere of the film . Or just did not want, knowing that Maria never was at a loss for a word and could spoil easily all mass .

But we will return to a true story of a family. Let`s begin with her head - Georg von Trapp. Future naval commander in 1880 in the Croatian city Zara was born (nowadays - Zadar). In 14 - summer age by a father`s advice became the student of Sea academy in Fium (nowadays - Rijeka). 20 - the summer young man came to fleet, 8 years later it was transferred to the submarine which commander became in 1910. During World War I made 19 fighting campaigns during which sank 12 enemy ships the general tonnage more than 45 thousand tons. For these feats it is awarded by the Knightly cross of the Award of Maria - Theresa.

Married late enough, but very much loved children. His first wife Agata gave birth to it to seven (apart from those that did not live about one year), but died while giving birth to the next child in 1922.

Some modern researchers (probably, having seen enough the movie) try to present George the good-natured elderly widower! It far not so: severe service and fighting campaigns when the deadly horror is always on the mind and the immemorial issue " is resolved; Who whom? it is unlikely promote good nature development. And the fact that the cast-iron discipline reigned in the house - proves once again that George was hardish even in relation to own children. And any elderly it was not, at the time of acquaintance to Maria to it hardly passed for 40! All the rest - the Hollywood features!

The heroine of our narration - Maria of Augustus was born on January 26, 1905 in the train car Salzburg - Vienna, her mother went to the capital of Austria, having been seven months gone. Maria did not remember the mother at all because that often was ill and died when the baby was only two years old. In the column father there was a crossed out section so the little girl was sent at first to the monastery, and then were already engaged in searches of the parent. They were ineffectual so Maria and remained to be brought up in the monastery with his ascetic life in posts and prayers.

It is necessary to notice that the girl was all - the romantic nature inclined to impulsive acts that could not but cause some irritation in the mother superior. The girl was considered too thoughtless, windy. For this reason, but not because of special devotion, Maria was recalled to Trapp`s estate to look after for the confined to the bed George`s daughter.

Whether there could be on its place another? Quite! Though history did everything possible that puzzles developed . George too trusted in the Austrian national bank, having put all the savings there. And the burst financial crisis of 1921 ate all accumulation, having put the baron actually on a survival side. He put a manor and lived on this money. Considered each brand, that is why the baron refused from ideinanyat the nurse to children through usual agency, and asked for the help to the monastery!

There is no doubt that children met the new nurse very watchfully, especially senior. But in it there is nothing surprising - they remembered the mother and very much grieved for her. But Maria with her easy temper and restlessness, managed to melt mistrust ice, having secured with support of children. And only then, having seen as children are attached to it, the baron began to render it attention signs!

And one more small detail - originally the baron did not like to sing! And only then, when Maria already drank children and they showed the first family performance, Georg von Trapp slowly it was involved .

As I already spoke, young people got married in 1927. But an occasion to a wedding became as you already guessed, Maria`s pregnancy. It is possible if not this circumstance, would not happen to become its baroness. And Maria forced the husband to leave Austria after on September 26, 1929 Johann Shober began to form the government with assistance of Christian socialists and nationalists.

The family ran in 1930, and Maria was pregnant already with the third child! With backpacks crossed border of Italy in the Alps behind the back, and started life almost from scratch further! Also earned on bread by family concerts from weddings and parties! Until in Europe military operations did not begin. Then von Trappy removed to the USA, the State of Vermont where lodged in a small village.

Concert life lasted in total 20 years. During this time the senior children grew up, got families and involuntarily departed from a habitual hobby. Soon after the end of World War II, in 1947, the head of family died. By and large, became not to songs. Though they occasionally, but sounded in family hotel Trapp Family Lodge, persons interested can stay for a while there and now, the hotel remained and up to now.

It is remarkable that when Maria offered the memoirs for shooting in the USA, just laughed at her, having told that such nonsense will be watched by nobody. Also suggested to buy memoirs at a bargain then, having rewritten the scenario practically nanovo, to try to make something. Maria answered with flat refusal and through friends attached records in Germany where in 1956 about the singing Austrian family the movie was shot. It was incidentally seen by the Broadway producer Richard Hollidey and his wife, the actress Mary Martin staying there. They decided that it is a remarkable subject for the musical.

However, for digestibility the scenario was stuffed much not existing in reality, but dushetrepeshchushchy scenes. Like arrival from Vienna George`s bride, baroness Elza of Schrfder and the impresario Max Detveyler anxious with search of participants for the Salzburg folklore festival. As a result of various intrigues the baron, allegedly, dismisses Maria. Or scenes of experiences of the oldest daughter of George - Lesl which fell in love in the local mail carrier Rolf.

But life is life, and the musical - the musical.

The main thing - the world learned that even such fairy tales when at your elect - the widower seven on benches have happy continuation. The main thing to try a key to his heart. And why not violin?