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How to become the financial genius with little effort?

The Financial genius - that, who manages to earn

more, than his wife " manages to spend


(Someone from great).

You never thought of expression It makes money from air ? And so, from air money is not made! They are made of the head. Or rather, from thoughts. More true from skill to make money. Generally, to make money - it something like setting of laces. People who cannot tie laces exist For certain, is. You once were not able to do it. But learned! Here also let`s study

. I know what thoughts turn at you in the head, will not list them. But, if someone says that ability to make money 1 - 5% of the population " possesses; before you or deeply mistaking person, or future competitor.

In principle, ability to make money not more difficult than any other ability. It is necessary just to learn.

Here one of the elementary ways which is available, probably, to everyone.

1. Take 100 rubles. If you do not have them, do not worry. Begin to act. I think that in the next salary you allocate yourself this sum. There is no salary, will earn in a different way.

2. So. Take a clean sheet of paper and write down all ideas how to double this sum. Not less than ten ideas. Up to the most mad. Do not criticize, do not listen to the internal voice. And, especially, people around! Just dream. If the stream of ideas ran low, postpone a leaf. If still thoughts come - write.

3. Have a rest not less than two hours.

4. Take other blank sheet and try to group ideas in blocks. On different signs, the main thing that one idea supplemented another. Or others.

5. At you several blocks of ideas turned out. It`s cool. The foundation is laid. You take usual school notebooks. You give each block of ideas the name and you write it on a notebook cover. This name business - the project. You write today`s date. On the first page you rewrite the block of ideas and thought which came later. Make the same with other blocks of ideas. Allocate 100 rubles for everyone or leave one, most of all to you attracted.

6. You make the step-by-step schedule, with intermediate results and dates to which it is necessary to achieve this result.

7. To each it to a podproyektik you make the estimate of expenses of resources (money, time, nerves, etc.) .

8. You estimate the general estimate of expenses. You put estimated final date.

9. You overturn a notebook. Here you will write concrete steps which you executed on realization business - the project, and also comments (thoughts, feelings, ideas, feelings ). Now write point first - The project plan " Is made;.

10. Execute all intermediate steps. Try to keep within the estimate and to the necessary date. Analyze each passable stage.

11. As a result of performance you have to have either 200 and more rubles, or anything (you will get on credit). Make the detailed analysis of the records. Even the negative result is only an occasion to understand that is made and not so how next time to work in a similar situation.

12. Praise yourself. You did just huge work! Not everyone is capable of it!

13. If the sum managed to be doubled, you take already doubled sum and you begin the new project. By the way, it can be continuation old. However even in this case it is just necessary to think up several new projects of doubling already of this sum. Important remark: it will be already heavier to double 200 rubles, than 100. Not much more, but all-...

A doubling of 100 and 1000 rubles is as speak in Odessa, two big differences, will be necessary absolutely different business here - projects.

If was not succeeded to double the sum, take 100 rubles to

14. Further begin with point 1.

Now about advantage of negative result. Here, for example, Henry Ford, that which presented to the world available inexpensive cars was ruined 3 times before became that Henry Ford. Three times!

And leisure Americans counted that on average a ratio of profitable and failure projects in the American small business approximately 1 to 17. One, bringing though some profit, on seventeen, giving only expenses! Also live, with hunger do not die.

Treat this occupation as to cheerful game. As to one more way to entertain itself favourite (or darling). And imperceptibly for all you suddenly will become to make money simply from " air;.