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What is technology 25 - go a shot ?

At of technology 25 - go a shot - in the West more accepted the term subliminalny advertizing that is subconscious, being below a perception threshold - difficult history. It began at the end of 1950 - x and is connected with a name of James Vaykeri who claimed that he put experiences on 45699 viewers of movie theaters. They, without knowing that, were subjected to subconscious influence of two messages Drink Coca - Cola and It is hungry? You eat " popcorn; shown on the screen in supershort periods which do not give in to understanding. Sales of Coca and corn during experiment, according to Vaykeri, sharply increased. Grandiose scandal rose, and vicious practice was forbidden in Great Britain, Australia and the USA though nobody could repeat Vaykeri`s experiments on his description.

One year later Vaykeri`s experiment was skillful falsification, and reputation 25 - go a shot - irreparably spoiled: the marketing specialist admitted deception. Hundreds of made experiments testified to absence of any effect 25 more often - go a shot, than to the return. In Russia the public is inclined to trust in a possibility of subliminalny influence rather.

Justice of similar fears was confirmed by the work of group of scientists of university of Nijmegen in the Netherlands under Johan Karremans`s guide published in the magazine of Journal of Experimental Social Psychology . Karremans decided to check whether it is possible to promanipulirovat volunteers and to subconsciously force them to choose a certain drink - cold Lipton Ice Tea tea when thirst tortures. For control group chose the Spa Rood mineral water - researchers considered that it enjoys approximately the same popularity, as Lipton, and in the same degree suppresses thirst.

To 61 volunteer suggested to carry out a minor problem - to count how many time in the letters Bs flashing on the screen - bachelor of sciences the letter b was lower case, but not header. The letter of B was shown during 300 milliseconds and before showing s, appeared subthreshold the message on 23 milliseconds. For the main experimental group it looked as Ice Lipton for control - Nipeic Tol .

Upon termination of a task of volunteers asked to choose between Spa Rood and Lipton Ice having clicked on one of two keys, and examinees were sure that they already passed to the new test. Then participants of experiment were asked what of these two drinks they ordered if wanted to drink. Those from volunteers who estimated themselves as exhausted with thirst inclined to Lipton tea - but only in case previously received the subliminalny message. Dutches beforehand took care that those were - distributed to a half of 105 participants before tests very salty lollipop.

80% of the people tormented with thirst gave in on suggestion and chose Lipton - such result and experimenters expected. From control group Lipton gave preference of only 20%. According to Karremans, processing and stimulation work only when what is tried to be inspired, corresponds to intentions and desires of object of suggestion . Scientists plan to continue experiences and to find out as far as dolgosrochen effect from washings of brains .

A month earlier the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Med magazine reported that only one additional hour of viewing of telecasts by the child adds on average one his request for the advertized product. The effect of commercial transfers on children remains on an extent till 20 weeks.