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How to control the desires? Understanding and motivation of

Talking to the hermit, the merchant claimed that, thanks to wealth, he is relieved of need to indulge someone`s desires and always follows only the.

- Here is how! - that exclaimed. - And when you chose the place for the parking of the caravan today, what was more important: beauty of the district or existence of a forage for pack animals?

- the Matter of course, abundance of herbs solved my choice, - the merchant answered.

- Then though you is also rich, and live so that to cattle was to taste, - the hermit " laughed;.

the Dzensky parable

I want to make a reservation At once. If you consider that your desires quite correspond to your opportunities (and vice versa) - do not read this article. It will not bring you benefit and can even damage if you do not work it truly to interpret. If you feel any discomfort in life - perhaps, I will suggest to you a useful idea.

Paradoxically, but fact: we often do not understand own desires. Convincing itself or working by force of habit, we live as we find possible. Often the person substitutes the concepts desirable and possible without deciding to admit to himself what is engaged not in that business in which once wanted to be engaged. Then, at that time, something prevented it - something that it could not overcome. Not to recognize defeat, he convinces himself that at all wanted nothing of that kind, and is engaged in something in another - than can.

Example . After the termination of institute my acquaintance Sergey Livanov decided to go to the USA on earnings, perhaps, to continue there training. But life put before it 2 " at once; insuperable obstacles: in - the first, parents acted against mad plan the son, in - the second, Sergey could not get the exit visa, did not serve the put term in army yet.

As a result he remained at the institute as the research associate and carried out in this position of 5 years. Now he works in the same place and considers that this option - yet not the worst .

But many of us would change the occupation at the first opportunity. Here imagine that you do not need to care more for the survival and kind genie does for you everything that you only want.

Question : what occupation in that case would bring you pleasure? What would you be engaged in? by

Ya it is sure that only one person from hundred would leave in the life everything as it is. Moreover: many would leave right now work at which they are held only by need. There is no wish - and it is necessary! - the motto of the most part of the population of Russia.

What to do, without having near at hand the suitable genie?

1. To stop and reflect .

When you have the next holiday or days off? It is possible to devote them, besides rest and the collected affairs, also to blamestorming session . What do you want to reach? What do you reach, being engaged in this business? What is reached your hands by others? Who you are at the moment in daily jumps: horse, jockey, viewer, player, bookmaker, director? And whom you want to be?

After it analysis it can quite turn out that all of you climbed these years on the mountain only eventually to be convinced: it is not that mountain . Yours desires on check can be requirements of the management, an environment, time - what and anyone, only not yours. Of course, to live to cattle to taste often it is necessary, to correspond to time - too, but let sense of proportion will prompt to you that it should be carried out and what it is necessary to refuse.

2. To move uzhy .

When the person sinks in a bog, it has two options of actions: or to kick in hope for what will be able to be chosen, or to sprawl and wait for the help. Two? Here not: skilled foresters say that it is possible to get out of a bog if to lay down flatwise on a back and to move uzhy without hands and legs.

And so, in relation to life it means that you should not sit and wait for someone`s help: all of us here as squirrels in a cage, and the additional burden of very few people pleases. However and to fuss, climb on the heads, trying to obtain the desirable in all possible ways - too it is not necessary.

If in the first option you can quietly drown, then in the second - you will be just loudly drowned. That it was untempting to others.

Gradually, softly and unshakably, moving uzhy try to obtain the. At you everything will turn out.

3. To trust in the purpose .

you - can. The guy who was engaged in slaughter of pigs for 31 cents a day on farms Pidzhin - Shout in Indiana became 16 - m the U.S. President. The guy working as the messenger in insurance company with a salary 3 dollars a week founded the " company; Kodak . The guy, 8 years working for idea over one program, created Kaspersky Lab. They could - and you will not be able?

Abraham Lincoln, George Istman, Evgeny Kaspersky - different people, different names, different stories, but the general understanding: in total ahead. Understanding that, sooner or later the objectives will be achieved. The best motivation for any type of people.

4. To live future .

Everything has two creations: the first in the head, the second in reality - Stephen Kovi writes. To live future - means to create in the head, and it already half-affairs. So far we live here and now we sink in the abyss of small aimless affairs. We do not think to what we finally go and where our life aspires. So is to us easier. But an easy way - a way under a slope. And there is a wish - uphill.

Example . American Jimmy Wales, watching growth open - source the movements, thought that programmers could work in common not only on programs. There was an idea of joint editing a code. In 2000 Jimmy created the Nupedia project. Having lived about a year, the project did not receive as - or noticeable publicity.

But Jimmy safely looked forward and believed in the idea. On the basis of the got experience it developed it, having made very radical statement: he is ready to create online - the encyclopedia that each person on the planet had access to works which are the sum of knowledge of all mankind. In two weeks he finally realized that it will work - and in January, 2001 the " project; Wikipedia: free encyclopedia was issued.

If to sum up, article essence is as follows: do not limit yourself .

Yes, it is possible, you very much do not want to do any actions and things, and it is necessary . But the fact that does not want to you is already the prevention . To whom it is necessary? And whether it is necessary? What part of those cases in which you are engaged in life is necessary to you? What part is necessary to your family? Whether you live to cattle to taste spending the life, the time, emotions and forces for that people, absolutely insignificant for you, lived happily?

And still. You remember - you can do everything . And even if you do not want something - all of you equally are able to do it. And you can not make. The choice - for you, and nobody other has the right to press and try to operate on you you. The understanding of this idea will bring you internal freedom, helping to release huge internal forces. This understanding considerably will improve your life and life of those who wait from you for attention and support long ago.

It, certainly, does not mean that you right there have to throw everything that is not pleasant to you and there is no wish. Just know that you can do it!