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Why the fear is necessary and how to get rid of it?

Each person periodically has sensation of fear. And what is fear? In psychology fear is called the negative emotion which resulted from the real or imagined danger. However, on the other hand, there is also natural fear which often helps to avoid the tragedy.

For example, mother of the small child hears noise of the approaching car and pulls the kid a hand, taking away it after the journey aside, i.e. fear of mother for the child`s life, keeps to it life. The driver, seeing on the road of the child and having had sensation of fear, turns a wheel and presses on brakes. The child in turn has no sensation of fear in relation to the car therefore he itself cannot protect himself.

So why to us sensation of fear comes? First of all for safety. The fear is felt you, so to speak, by a beret for a trial period. Well, present, you lived to yourself lived, and here time and decided to change. For example, to change a job. Why you need it? Where you will go? You will not be able, at you it will not turn out etc. - says you your sensation of fear. Believe, it does not want to do much harm to you, it warns you that it, maybe, and now is to you not bad?

The fear does not want to release you in an unknown distance, does not want to change a habitual situation. You for years of life already had a system of values, a daily routine, a circle of contacts, and here on you was going to give birth. Of course, it is terrible both for itself and for the kid, for life, for health etc. Because uncertainty not only attracts our interest, but also pushes away (as paradoxically it sounds).

Actually it is not important at all that occurs in life, the main thing as you treat it. All know that if it is impossible to change a situation, then it is just necessary to change to it the relation. Well, terribly. So what? If on your way there was a fear, then only in order that you once again properly thought and wondered: And it is necessary to me? . If an affirmative answer, then down with all fears and doubts and forward with highly raised head, self-confidence and desire to achieve a goal.

So, fear - it not only is bad, but also it is good. As he once again allows us to think that it is necessary for us in this life and that is not present. And if you are able not just to overcome the fear, i.e. to get rid of it, and to turn it into the ally and the assistant, here then the success is guaranteed to you in any undertaking.

With what to begin? Just forget about the fear. Difficult? Of course, difficult. You do not know yet how to make it. And I will tell you. Try

Talk to it. Here it is so very simple. Imagine the fear, for example in the form of a cloud. Big, very big and terrible cloud. Presented? And now tell: Cloud, cloud, I know you, I know that you came to warn me that this step will be of great importance in my life. That you care for me and you warn me. I know that I on the right track. This my decision, I need it. Thanks, I do not need you more. I know you and to me is already not terrible at all. I always in safety . And now present that there was that, as had to occur - the rain went. Here so a drop behind a drop all your fear spilled a rain, clouds dissipated, and there was a sun. That`s all - for fear there is no trace left also.

Council of the second. Dream. If you are afraid to act at large audience, imagine each free minute as you surely step on the stage, you act, and then all give a standing ovation to you, and in the opinion of each person you see gratitude and admiration.

If you are afraid of height, represent how you climb up the high mountain as takes the breath away at conquest of each new top as you safely go down on the earth with a pride and satisfactions.

If you are afraid to lose darling, represent your happy joint life. As you together perfectly spend time what signs of attention are rendered to you by your beloved what unexpected pleasant surprises he does what kind and gentle words pronounces.

All the matter is that our subconsciousness reacts to our mentality. The sure appeal to subconsciousness with ease restores the balance broken internally. It is often possible to hear such phrases: I and knew that there will be the most terrible I so was afraid to be plucked, and it turned out . And what you wanted if all of you foreknew? That we thinks, and we become that. It is necessary to program the subconsciousness on positive result in advance. And all. More nothing is necessary.

Of course, it is possible to object that supposedly I will tell myself " now; to me it is not terrible and what will stop being terribly at once? No, of course, not at once. You so much time convinced yourself of it that to achieve the return result, now as much time (can be, even less) it is required to you that the consciousness was reconstructed.

Well and the most important is a belief. Never begin any business if at you sucks in the pit of the stomach listen to yourself, get rid of sensation of fear, after that with confidence undertake any project. At you everything will turn out. Not important, in what you trust, the main thing - to believe. You believe in God, so you will be helped by God. You believe in yourself, so you will achieve everything, thanks to the consciousness. You hope at random, so everything will turn out incidentally . On your belief it will be given you.

Be not afraid of anything, go forward, and receive well-deserved rewards for all the actions. Do not forget that it is only about those actions which result brings benefit to you and all live on Earth. Well, and as for bad acts, other law works here: a boomerang everything to us comes back do not forget about it, please.

You create good, you love each other and be afraid of nothing, believe, Life always on your party.