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Whether squids love beer?

Morning foggy, serene. A call to a door

- you Sleep? Gather. Let`s roll. Already all gathered.

- Who?

- Yes here with us Kostya, with us Sergey. We go.

- Where, to Alice?

- And who such Alice? … No to drink beer.

- Beer? And work? Today only Friday!

- Yes will be to you work, trudolyub you are ours. It is necessary to interview.

- About beer? there is no

- about crayfish. Fie …, about squids.

- And beer here and?

- And wash down dried squids with it.

A bit later. Cafe - the bar “Brigantine“

- Here. My suitcase bursts with a vobla.

- And where a vobla?

- Well, not a vobla, but too fish. These are bakalin. Children, fly.

- Bakalini? And what is it?

- Fish such pressed. You see, such brown sticks in a bag? Try. Tasty?

- Nothing, salty, for a vobla will descend. Only smack interesting, some nutlets, perhaps are added?

- And, a peanut is pressed.

- Yes, and still any delicacies. Eat, do not hesitate.

- And them that, in Italy is done.

- Bakalini? Well, in Ukraine. And we sell.

- Only bakalin? there is no

- a lot of any fish in packing yet. And vobla including. Taste dried squids.

- Squids I already bought, ate.

- These not such, these sweetish. Here them are their Chinese do. And they have all sweetish seasonings. Chinese, except salt, add sugar, and it is a lot of.

- And still, I heard, amplifiers of taste add?

- Add, add. And add to fish sometimes sorbite, sometimes - glutaminovy acid. Sometimes - all together.

- And sometimes beer happens sweet. It from malt. And what, very much is pleasant to me.

Midday. 21st century. In the same place

- And che it at me a glass empty?

- Drank? Demand a doliv of beer. The girl`s wons - seamen. They will add.

- Here under a squid all right! I do not manage to Add so much beer.

- Beer does not happen much.

- Yes a squid and without beer is good. It is possible to chew so. Tasty …

- Aha, it is also nutritious. Also it is useful!

- I Guess, vitamins there, and minerals.

- There still is such substances, help to emit gastric juice, appetite from it improves. - Listen to

, and I should interview you.

- What? Yes well it. Is not present at me. Better than beer of bitterns. Here it, squids I still have beer, bakalin too, and there is no interview.

Darkened. Not absolutely it is clear, where

- Here try to jam beer “Snickerses“, and at once you will understand that it is better than a bakalina.

- And squids?

- That squids?

- They too sweet.

- At Chinese is all sweet.

- And some love posolony.

- You know how alone to squids in the sea?


- the Circle water, water, water. … And at all beer. And they so love it.

- Yes, small fishes float on spawning, and squids to beer.

- Now they in us swim. Together with bakalin.

- Yes, bakalin - correct zakus.

- And a squid?

- the Squid is such creature that the feelers in beer will drown any.

- And you know how in Latin there will be “squid“?

- Yes get rid you with the Latin. Better still beer of bitterns. - Listen to

, and beer today what foamy.

- Again Latin!

Midnight approaches. At house doors

- You where were?

- Where where, squids ate. From a bakalina.

- Oh, it also somewhere picked up the Italian.

- to Give you a piece?

- the Squid?

- Bakalini.

- My God!!!

- Yes be not frightened, you. Bakalini is such sticks fish, to beer. Well, you an uv … understand me?