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Why we feel sorry for dogs and we do not feel sorry for people?

Saw many websites on this subject and with surprise found out that the majority touching a subject considers that it is not necessary to feel sorry for people as pity humiliates, and got to trouble are guilty. And here dogs are not guilty of anything, and them are that and it is necessary to be sorry. And I - that, silly, considered that first of all it is necessary to feel sorry for people, especially those who got to trouble or suffers from anguish, deprivations not on the fault. And to regret the relatives, to calm, console - a plain duty of each of us! Or too it is not necessary to feel sorry for them?

And then - why it is necessary to feel sorry for dogs? Why not cats, cows, sheep, rabbits, goats and other pets? And why it is not necessary to feel sorry for cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, rats etc. It is interesting that, appear in the district a mad dog, general shout and groan rises, and in the general chorus voices of those who just urged to feel sorry for stray dogs most loudly sound. And meanwhile in big cities stray dogs and, though to a lesser extent, domestic dogs begin to constitute the increasing danger to people, and and to owners of dogs. Sometimes pity to dogs takes the form of mass psychosis, meetings and demonstrations. And who saw demonstration under the slogan Rescue homeless children! ?

At the same time I well and distinctly understand why people want and urge to feel sorry for dogs. Dogs live many centuries nearby and together with people, protect them, help to hunt etc. But recently dogs become less demanded in the main qualities, and are used generally as toys for people. Therefore there are stray dogs very much. Played and threw! But if cats, for example, and houses live in itself, and thrown out - will not be gone, then dogs require constant attention and, thrown, most often perish, especially thoroughbred. Besides, a dog - the only pet who remains faithful to the owner in any circumstances to what there is a set of examples. And as we in the answer for those who were tamed feel sorry for dogs first of all.

And now about people. I understand that first of all bums and drunks for whom not really - that there is a wish to feel sorry though " are evident; poor in spirit - object of pity for church. You remember - the poor in spirit " is blessed;. They - that and really are guilty of the situation and, as a rule, whose help do not need and do not accept it. But is still orphaned and poor . Tell what millions of homeless children are guilty of? Rather a society is guilty to them! What the people bitten by dogs are guilty of? And of what millions of pensioners receiving from the state pathetic tips in the form of pensions are guilty? What disabled people and sick people were guilty of? Unless they are capable to take care of themselves? It is so necessary or not to feel sorry for them, or something else is required?

Now we approach a question of what is pity? About what, actually, the speech?

According to Dahl`s dictionary to be sorry - means to grieve, regret, be ill heart, to be distressed about something, to mourn; to spare, protect, not to give in offense (!). S.Yu. Ojegov and N. V. Shvedova`s explanatory dictionary treats pity as compassion, a condolence, grief, a regret. There is a concept pity the concept " speaks through unequal to it; compassion . I will explain it on an example. If you hear miaow of a kitten who has no place to hide from a rain or snow at the doors, you have a feeling of pity. But if you open a door to warm, feed, dry a kitten, you showed feeling of compassion. Now, we will put, you cannot leave a kitten at home (there are no conditions for his contents, there is already a cat, etc.) also you show the door it for a door again, the compassion does not have the place any more, but pity - that remains! You represent or see how he suffers from a rain or snow again, and you feel sorry for him.

Thus, pity is a sympathy and empathy, when there is no an opportunity (or desires!) to help, and the compassion causes action for assistance, protection etc. Pity is passive, compassion - a desire to action. Pity indicates helplessness, inaction, powerlessness, and compassion, sympathy is a participation, a response, desire to help. One acquaintance, taking out garbage, uslykhat plaintive miaow of a kitten. Without having found where it, she called the husband. Together they found out that the kitten got into a crack under concrete, but could not be chosen. Then they brought what they had, tools, razdolbit concrete and got out a kitten. It was the kitty, all unfortunate and sick. They took it in the house, carried to the veterinarian, cured, and now they lives with them as a favourite being. So they showed the compassion, sympathy. And could just let out a kitten and with free conscience to go home. Regretted, and it is fine.

All talk on harm or advantage of pity to me seems strange. Pity, as well as compassion - normal, inherent in normal people, human feelings, emotions. They arise irrespective of us, automatically, when there is for them an occasion. For example, climbers went to mountains and there died. Yes, they chose the fate, but we feel sorry for them as together with each of them the whole world died, their relatives suffered. But it is impossible to make anything any more, that is there is a feeling of powerlessness. Put others - the loved one or the lonely elderly neigbour got sick. From compassion to them, empathy to their trouble we run in a drugstore, we cause ambulance we cook food, we feed from a spoon if it is necessary, etc.

A if people is deprived of feelings of pity and compassion, lives by the principle it`s not my business normal people feel its inferiority, perceive it as moral freak and, strangely enough, feel sorry for him!

But we will return to our dogs. Accustoming to the entrance top dressing of stray dogs whether we think of other people living in the same entrance? Dogs are so accustomed long since that feeding them - the owner, and at his presence they bark and rush on other residents. And if suddenly such dog bites someone from residents, and they will cause special service what shout rises here! Prove to Zhalelshchiki that bitten itself it is guilty - and why he threatened on a dog when she on it began a bark? Etc. So for whom in this situation it is necessary to feel sorry - dogs or people? Why we are not sorry when destroy rats, cockroaches or the same mad dogs and when destroy packs of the stray dogs attacking people (there is a rich statistics!) such shout rises?

Also there is such seditious thought. If you feel so sorry for stray dogs why you will not bring them home? There also feel sorry for them if you do not disturb neighbors. I understand, there is no house conditions. Then act, demand that dogs were taken away in a shelter, or organize it, or provide dogs to their destiny if you can make nothing. By the way, sterilization of stray dogs - a waste of time as, in - the first, they are set back free, and in - the second, their ranks are constantly joined new, thrown out on the street. Instead of feeling sorry for stray dogs, it is necessary to treat people better. And the people considering that a dog it is better than people for some reason forget that, there is to them a trouble, only other people, and at all not dogs will be able to help them. About people for some reason there are less regrets and tears, than about dogs, for some reason there is nobody to feel sorry for people, and it is strange. It is brutal!

And from here a conclusion follows. People! It is not enough to be compassionate. Be compassionate! If you can, help innocently suffering, homeless children, pensioners, disabled people and all who really need the help! Also love the neighbor as! And it is not enough to feel sorry for stray dogs, it is useless and is even harmful. It is necessary to take care of them if you can. And to protect from them people, especially children. And if for rescue at least one person it is necessary to kill one thousand dogs, I for such murder though and it is a pity for dogs.