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How there live Dutches? In each country and each people have

the culture, the some national peculiarities, traditions. Holland did not become an exception also.

People here the friendly and liberated, besides, Dutches - very economical people. And, not only people small and middle-income, but also even rich men save. Expensive shops stand empty here and soon are closed, go out of business. Dutches acquire goods sekond - a hand in the markets or on the Internet. There is practically no luxury here. In houses boring blinds hang, there is roughly vystruganny furniture with acute angles, sometimes even not varnished. Here it, Protestant culture which rejects luxury and glorifies simplicity.

Also holiday of the Dutch can serve as a striking example of the Dutch economy. If you think that the Dutch reserves luxurious hotel in advance in the country to which he was going to go to have a rest, then you are deeply mistaken. Practically all Dutch families, being sent on leave, rent caravan - the small sleeping car which includes a sofa, sometimes a toilet and small kitchen.

With it here the car attached to the car they also go to have a rest. And they stop in a camping. It is much cheaper than hotel, here it is only necessary to pay for the parking and then to pitch the tent. Besides, all Dutches very much love the nature and, first of all, consider such rest as an outdoor recreation, an admiring the nature.

Speaking about typical Dutch national tradition of hospitality, it should be noted the following things. If the Dutch has a birthday, then the come guests surely will wish happy birthday except the hero of the anniversary, all his family members. Coming on a visit, Dutches touch a cheek by each other cheek three times - something like a kiss, but not absolutely.

To negative, in my opinion, qualities of some Dutches, it is possible to refer informing. You remember, in one of the monologues M. Zadornov told about Americans? The American family, seeing off drunk guests who were driving, right there called police and reported that from them drunk go.

And here. Very many Dutches consider a duty to inform on the neighbor, the acquaintance or the stranger if he though made something not so. An example from personal experience - we went in the summer to the wood to picnic and took with ourselves pass - a grill. As on the street there was a heat, we stocked up even with two fire extinguishers and made fire in a grill on a clearing, is far from trees. Also it happened so that other Dutch family came to have a rest on the same lawn. At first they askanced at us a baleful look, and then the father of family called by the mobile phone somewhere, even without hiding from our look, and in a minute before us the police officer appeared. It appears, it is strictly forbidden to grilit outdoors, police did not convince even our both fire extinguishers. It is good what did without penalty.

One more curious case occurred in our house. One of neighbors decided to drill something in 23 at home. 00. The sound of the puncher was heard at most 5 minutes when on a threshold they had a police. Valorous neighbors already managed to report where it is necessary.

Dutches, in the majority, the people sports. Even chiefs of the large companies, at a suit and with a tie, can be met going to work by bicycles. Holland - the country of bicycles and cyclists. If it happened to you to see though any Dutch station, you by all means had to notice the huge bicycle parking with thousands of bicycles. Here it is only interesting - as among this heap of bicycles each owner can precisely find and, the main thing, still to remove the from there.

Such love to bicycles is explained also by a temperate climate (there are practically no frosts) and the flat territory of the country. In each city and even a mudflow there are special bicycle paths. Cyclists in Holland are kings. They have advantage, both before passersby, and in front of cars. Even if before the cyclist there will be a sign give way and it will not stop, and he will be brought down inadvertently, the owner of the car as the cyclist - is always right in due form will answer.

Slightly become impudent cyclists do not even follow the traffic regulation among themselves. Quite often on recrosses face on two cyclists - any did not wish to give way to another.

Cyclists in Holland the sea is valid. If you preferred silent walk in the wood - you there not one. Clouds of cyclists travel about on all paths, except them - people astride horses, well and of course ride, you should not forget about one hundred other people who also came to walk on this wood, as well as you.

Dutches in the majority lead a healthy lifestyle. From here and quite high life expectancy in the country, an average value - 74 years. Dutches of any age ride bicycles and jog. Are obligatory at them as well everyday walks for 2 hours and more. The dinner consists mainly of vegetables, and, not digested or overroasted but only slightly stewed. In the evening, before going to bed - the glass of dry red wine is obligatory. Here secret of the Dutch longevity.

Many of you heard also that Holland, nearly only country where it is officially authorized to sell drugs. It is necessary to make a reservation that not all drugs are resolved here. It is possible to buy only marijuana or hallucinogenic mushrooms. And, and here the paradox! It is strictly forbidden to grow up marijuana or mushrooms, it is interesting where then owners of kofeshop get all this? Then all of them illegally get it from those who also illegally grow up all this. Yes, the law about it, nevertheless, is thought not strongly over, but the police does not attack kofeshopa and allows them to trade quietly.

Here such is, actually, life of Dutches, as well as in all other cultures, there are advantages and the shortcomings. But advantages, I think, nevertheless, the majority.