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What it is better to have a snack on?

In those ancient times when each photographer - the fan himself developed films itself also printed photos, in photographic supplies stores it was possible to buy glycine - the substance which was a part of many developers. So called in use the simplest of amino acids - aminoacetic acid.

Later, in 80 - x years, pharmaceutical industry began to let out glycine. It was applied as the metabolic proofreader, that is the substance capable to influence thin exchange processes.

Not so long ago, a little more than a decade ago, physicians paid attention to one property of glycine. It turned out that glycine is capable to neutralize toxic products of decomposition of ethyl alcohol and reduces a pathological inclination to alcohol. Its began to appoint to the persons abusing alcohol, or sick chronic alcoholism for interruption of hard drinkings and during the sharp period of a hangover. Glycine prevents development alcoholic delirium tremens and alcoholic psychoses.

Glycine practically does not cause unpleasant side effects unless arterial pressure decreases a little and only in rare instances the individual intolerance of a preparation meets. Accustoming to it is noted. The only thing that is not recommended to be done is to apply a preparation together with hypnotic drugs, tranquilizers and neuroleptics - there can be an unpredictable braking of the central nervous system.

Where to get glycine? It is developed in very primitive way from cartilaginous tissue of cattle, at desire it is possible to receive it as is wished much. It is in drugstores of the large cities, but whether it is necessary to chase it?

The matter is that at the disposal of any hostess there are natural products containing glycine. It is rich soup, fish soup, a jellied fish, a jelly. Even jelly fruit jelly contains glycine. Everyone 100 - a gram bag of gelatin contains not less than 20 g of glycine. Probably not for nothing our ancestors liked to have a snack vodka on a jelly and jellied sturgeon!

For Abramchik matzo, for Natanchik - matzo, and for Ivan - the good fellow - a jelly piece Vasily Aksenov wrote. However it is not absolutely right. A jelly, it is jelly, became a product international. No, probably, the countries where this product would not exist in this or that look.

In Armenia, for example, it is known under the name hash . It is long cooked from beef or mutton bones, and eaten hot. Speak, in Armenia the step cannot make not to come across on hashny .

If you have a snack on a jelly, a jellied fish, Hashem or something similar, then yours suspended the state is significantly facilitated. And not only at the expense of glycine. The fats and proteins which are contained in them connect nedookislivshiyesya products of disintegration of alcohols and bring them out of an organism. In a word, it is the best snack.

Now glycine is a part of many anti-hungover means, reached even that some liqueur - vodka distilleries began to let out special bespokhmelny vodka which part glycine is.

In 1994 the group of astronomers of University of the State of Illinois declared obtaining proofs of existence in glycine space. It is the simplest form of amino acid - one of the DNA construction blocks, and, therefore, and lives on Earth. Even before the newspaper wrote about the clouds of alcohol found in space. Probably, someone there, above, decided to prepare more bespokhmelny vodka.