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How Ludwig Van Beethoven managed to overcome disgust for music?

are on March 26, 2007 180 years as in Vienna the great composer Ludwig Van Beethoven died. In four days before, on March 23, 1827 after a consultation of doctors, Beethoven, grinning, said to the audience in Latin: Clap, friends, the comedy is ended .

In these short last hours of the great life, Ludvig, probably, managed to glance over what is lived. It is hard to say whether pleased his memoirs. But the most part of time it was unconscious which returned to it only for several moments, after the strongest lightning stroke, storming behind a window. He did not say more words. But the hand raised up together with the clenched fist could symbolize only one: I won!

It is simply impossible to retell all biography of Beethoven in such format, and therefore we will stop only on several moments of this nice life.

Heredity at little Louis was still that. The grandfather full the namesake, Ludwig Van Beethoven (in translation it means a bed with red " beet;) it is from a respectable family of Flemish burghers, went obviously not to them. He was a vocalist in a chapel, but at the same time possessed such rigid character that its acts often shocked all. Yes, his wife had very thoughtless character, perhaps, she cuckolded to it a little more often than it was allowed in decent society, but it is hardly an occasion to lock it for the rest of life to the monastery from - for the fact that it stains its reputation! Eventually, there is no such change of which both would not be guilty!

And apples from an apple-tree nearby fell, sons did not differ in respectable temper too! Especially average, Johann, that still rake. Not only that to several little girls turned the heads, having achieved reciprocity, but, having thrown on the third - the fourth day, so also very young 19 - brought the summer widow into the house with firm intention to marry! Only did not get it!

The senior Beethoven told firm: No! what did not prevent a vdovushka to present to Johann several charming crumbs, generally sons at all. One of them called in honor of the grandfather, Ludvig was born on an attic, in a small room with a slanting wall and only one window done in a slope of a tile roof at all. Fortunately, the severe father of Johann did not learn about it any more, just did not live. But he would obviously prefer to live even longer if could assume that all wealth which is saved up by it will be enough for Johann for very short term! The way from wellbeing to poverty at the rake kept within one - two years!

You gave birth to the son? - one of friends of Johann to whom he approached to throw with a request of a money was surprised, - but when? . Beethoven`s answer just shocked him: And I also do not remember what number it was, but intends to christen this Sunday . Here to you and the educated 18th century! Today already nobody will tell exact date of birth of the most great composer, only date of his christening - is known on December 17, 1770. His mother, Maria Magdalena, it is hardly possible to accuse of it. Children at it appeared one by one every year, but the four first sons did not live also about one year.

Johann seldom coped with the wife as the son feels, he just was not interested in him! But - to drinking companions gave to friends much more time, spending the best years of life behind a mug of kind beer! But Maria Magdalena worshipped the first survived son. Without having vocal skills of Johann (he, as well as his father, liked to sing), she, nevertheless, often sang to it songs. Also did not notice how the boy began to sing too!

Once Johann also was convinced of it. It seemed to it that the son is not deprived of talent. And as in Europe at this time the name 17 - the summer child prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with might and main rattled, Johann Beethoven haughtily judged: If one child managed it, then why not to try to make with the second!

And quicker to be defined to what at little Louis bigger talent, Johann decided to teach it to play nearly five instruments at once! So the former friend of old Ludovic organist Eden forced Louis to pore for hours over body. Johann`s friend actor Pfeyfer taught it to play a harpsichord and a flute! The violinist Rovantini, insisted on that Ludvig as soon as possible mastered a violin and a viola. now present to

A that on the four-year-old child everything pulled hard at once?

Besides the pedagogical talent of Johann Beethoven was far from perfect. He considered that the main thing in development of tools it not inspiration, but heavy work! Therefore he forced to repeat the same exercise tens of times!

It is no wonder that soon for Ludvig this music became as a bone across a throat. He spilled bitter tears hardly less, than his daddy drank for these exhausting beer lessons! You still will remember me and more than once will tell thanks! - on hundred times Johann in the course of the day repeated.

What all this turned back, you, probably, already know! Yes, Ludwig Van Beethoven became the great musician, but it is rather, without thanking, and contrary to the father! If not grandfather`s rigid character, it would hardly happen! He literally gritted teeth, but persistently struck one chord behind another! Then Ludovic`s character ripened: extraordinary developed self-respect, independence.

But Ludvig remembered these ruthless lessons well! For the rest of the natural it remained lonely. And though throughout short 57 - summer life, he several times tried to make a family, but did not leave behind children! And in it it is difficult to overestimate a role of the father!

On the other hand, some historians still consider that if not such fanatic violence over the little boy (to which also plain naughty games with peers, and just rest were inaccessible), the genius would live much more, having presented the world with the works.

And so with 24 - summer age Beethoven had deafness, all the time progressing. The illness, heavy for the musician, limited his communication with people, in the last years of life he did not hear even the loudest sounds of a symphonic orchestra. As soon as the composer for the first time faced deafness, he was in such despair that even wanted to commit suicide! And only the plan of the Third symphony stopped the genius.

By the way, same 1804 it is written and Appassionata which was so loved by the leader of the world proletariat.

To what we are taught by young years of Beethoven? First of all, to the sensitive, attentive attitude towards own children. It is possible to try, of course, to stick together from the little man Ludwig Van Beethoven or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Once a century it can do and happens. But sometimes it happens obratka as football players speak. It when your attack addresses against you!

Love children!